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My fear finally came true....lost my job!
So as you all know i was so affraid of loosing my job, for being out too much in the past 5 months of being their. Well, it has finally happened.. I was let go last week. it was really hard for me to get out of bed and function for the week but am now aka
jQuery & CSS Headline Changer
I have search the net for soem code for this i have found a few but nothing i want, I was just wondering can anybody help me I want something similar to this:-
Using Webdriver java :Obtaining an OTP(Ont time Password) PIn from an registered email ID and use the value in an text box field of my Webapp URL.
Hi , I have started a project using Selenium 2 webdriver using java.In order for me to proceed with further process in the web application,i need to provide OTP password generated to my registered email ID everytime I login .I have a php file that obtain
30 kids lost in Portugal since Maddie went missing
If already posted, please delete. Sun /t1582-30-kids-lost-in-portugal-since-maddie-went-missing#44921 Exclusive By ANTONELLA LAZZERI Last Updated: 04th May 2012 THIRTY children have gone missing in Portugal since Madeleine McCann
How to open a mail from the yahoo mail inbox using selenium IDE
Hi All, I have tried hard to open a mail from my yahoo mail inbox using selenium IDE, but i have failed to do. I have tried with - Click on any mail in the inbox Double-click on any mail in the inbox Context menu on any mail in the inbox and
Lao history ( lost of Land )
Lao history and Lost of Land
Talk about LOST season five-spoilers abound, enter at your own risk!
So..... Did anyone else think maybe that woman who was leading Daniel to the bomb was his mother? And if Charles Widmore was there at the same time, maybe he is dan's father? I mean why would he be so interested in Dan's work, and how would Daniel have
C++ Random Password Generator v1
Made a little program that makes a random password using a simple algorithm, going to add number into the equation later but for now, this is simple and will get people going in the right direction if they wanted to make something sort of like this. Feel
[IMPLEMENTED] Skip Password in unattend.xml
hi winterstorm2050 i was testing a bit with the unattend.xml  so i dont need to insert a password during installation, and finally i found a solution (dont use a password) Code:<UserAccounts>   <AdministratorPassword>       
how do I get rid again  _ploc with AutoUnattend.xml AutoUnattend.xml:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <!--File generated with a WinReducer Software created by winterstorm2050 from
Weird behavior by IE driver when entering value in password field
HI I have written a small sample to log on to my application using Webdriver 2 and then checking the page title. The problem is in the password element the code is entering the password mentioned thrice or sometime four times as a result successfull
Handle (File Uploads, Alert Boxes & Username Password Authentication) with AutoIT in Selenium
from E3 2011 to 2012: What E3 means for 3DS owners
Prepare to meet the Light! Just one week away from E3 and this will be the longest week that we Nintendo fans have to endure. While we impatiently wait for the true Wii U unveiling at the Nintendo Conference on June 5 at 9 am PDT, I will reminiscently
Yahoo search background infected.Not sure is virus, spyware or malware.
hi all, After i accidentally click a link in an email, my yahoo search result's background is infected.Below is the infected page and my hijack log file.thank you. Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2 Scan saved at 3:26:53 PM, on
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