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How to open a mail from the yahoo mail inbox using selenium IDE
Hi All, I have tried hard to open a mail from my yahoo mail inbox using selenium IDE, but i have failed to do. I have tried with - Click on any mail in the inbox Double-click on any mail in the inbox Context menu on any mail in the inbox and
from E3 2011 to 2012: What E3 means for 3DS owners
Prepare to meet the Light! Just one week away from E3 and this will be the longest week that we Nintendo fans have to endure. While we impatiently wait for the true Wii U unveiling at the Nintendo Conference on June 5 at 9 am PDT, I will reminiscently
Google Chrome Icon Directs to "" Cannot Uninstall
Changed the default search settings. Deleted the yahoo one. Keeps happening as soon as you reopen a window. Please help. Downloaded Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Nothing is helping.
Best Softswitch (VPS2.745 and 2.998 for only $200 Complete M
Best Softswitch (VPS2.745 and 2.998 for only $200 Complete Module) To all Clients (VPS2.745 and 2.998 for only $200 Complete Module) We have all kinds of Softswitch and Billing solution all version we have, Include 24/7 Technical Support for all
Internet Explorer not working
The other day a friend of mine had an issue with her laptop, she was using internet explorer and it flashed and discontinued to work. At the same time the other laptop connected to the same wireless internet did the same thing but has a newer model of
Bomberman 93' (TG-16)
Bomberman 93' is a blast to play with friends and family and has a good solo mode as well! Gameplay Bomberman 93' is an action game that features both a solo mode and a 5 player battle mode I'll go over the objective and gameplay of each mode Sol
Fire Emblem Fanatics
As you may know, Fire Emblem: Awakening is my first engagement with the series. With that said, Awakening is all it took to transform me into a Fire Emblem fanatic. Seriously, this game is just that damn good! I honestly believe Awakening is the very best
The difference between 3DS and 3DS XL detailed + more !
Wondering if there are any differences between the 3DS and the 3DS XL aside from the bigger screens? When asked for clarification on any apparent differences by IGN, Nintendo of America confirmed the following: - There are no material changes to the
OMG.. a cure.. a partial least an answer for sure!
Sorry, I accidentally posted this in the misc forum the first time... Hi to my old friends, I know I've been absent for a long time, I don't come here much any more, but I just had to share, I'm so excited because I've been handed an answer after 15
Need a custom html page?
Title says it all, Im offering free service to build you an html page/template for your site. All you have to do is provide me with a good picture layout either drawn up in paint, photoshop, etc...(must be your own) and a little description of what you
How to read mails in inbox using Selenium IDE?
Hi... I am new to selenium IDE. I have recorded a testcase of reading mails from inbox. while running the tescase: I am able to login to my gmail account but unable check mails as the inbox(n) is changing everytime when a new mail is recieved. It i
Does Gamestop still sell gamecube systems and games?
I hope so because I was planning on getting some gamecube games with my $100
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