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Can't get rid of Zperm Virus
Every day or so I was getting AVG messages alerting me of the Zperm virus. I always clicked the fix button, and assumed it would take care of it. Lately our computer has been really loud and slow. I got another message today that we still have the zperm
Virus Problem
Dear Dr. Inferno, I got a virus popup warning suddenly. I run Vista and I.E. My browser gets random popups as I surf webpages or click hyperlinks. Very annoying! I don't know the name of the virus. I downloaded latest Malaware Bytes and ran
Gaming on Twitter
LOL! You have 40 mins, right? Who doesn't?! Why not spend them watching my parents play Mutant Mudds Super Challenge!— GoNintendoTweet (@GoNintendoTweet) March 18, 2016
Nintendo: “Dedicated platforms will not die out”
Written by KingreX32 Amid all the rumors that this generation of home video game consoles will be the last, due to stiff competition from the handheld, smartphone markets, and upcoming indie consoles, Nintendo holds out hope for consoles. In a
Personal Gaming: My reasons for investing the Wii U Basic Set
Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Set (Black) is exactly what Nintendo enthusiast had been asking for when they eventually unbox their brand new system. The Deluxe Set includes a 32 GB storage console with a Wii U GamePad, AC adapters for each, a high speed HDMI
Wireless disabled due to Virus
Hello, I recently got malware called "malware doctor 1.0" I ran several virus scans that you recomended and i have sucessfully removed the malware "Malwarebytes' worked great! However my wireless network in non-funtional. I have tried
Century Link No Longer Guarantees That Their Internet Routers Will Work On The Latest Gaming Consoles.
This is the reason according to Century Link as to why I can't use my 3DS Online at my home....has anyone else had issues with playing games on this company's wireless routers?
best free anti virus available???
What is the best antivirus available that is free to download?
Walmart/Facebook Gift Virus
I have the Walmart Gift virus that pops up on both Firefox and IE. As well, I'm unable to access the Windows Update website anymore. I've run OTL and have included the Mediafire links to the OTL & Extras logs. What do I have to do to fix
Wii-kly Reviews: PC Gaming Reviews
This will be a topic where I make my own Reviews straight from Scratch. The first of these reviews will be a recent game on Steam called Poker Night 2. Time to give my opinion about Telltale Game's title "PokerNight2 at the Inventory" First off
Personal Gaming: Completing Pokemon Black with just my Starter Pokemon Part 2
Recap from part 1 My first and only trained Pokemon, Oshawott (yes I know that I misspelled my starter Pokemon throughout part 1, shameful), evolved into the final form Samurott. My Pokemon successfully, mostly during rematches, defeated the first four
[ANSWERED] Very small win10 gaming OS
Hello, I'm interested in seeing just how much I can delete from windows 10 without messing it up. I usually keep 2 partitions. One for my main OS (Windows 7 Pro) and one for gaming. I was using Win7 for gaming, but I'd like to utilize my windows 10
virus- stopping my internet from working
hi: I've had an issue like this before. my internet is connected but explorer doesn't work and neither does AIM... my computer flashed to a blue screen twice and then shut off... I'm copying the MBAM log, the DDS log and the hijack this log.
Share Your Gaming Collection!
We all collect games, Plushes any type of merchandise that involves gaming. Here is the play you can use to share your current and past systems that you still own If you have any stories about how you came about these systems or handheld devices also
Virus??? Help!
I was told that I might have some kind of virus....The first problem was that my computer would not connect to internet but other computers in the house do....Could not open Norton...Help and support will not open, it says system service is not running.
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