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WinReducer Videos Tutorials
Hello guys, Some people want to create videos tutorials so I think it should be a great idea to create a topic to centralize them all ! And if you find one video tutorial about how to use WinReducer, you could post the link in this thread
Size of Install.wim and rebuilding WIM
Hi! I am here new, but as a moder (or likely customzation ), I have some experience (I think ). I have moded Vista SP2 (but noobish), 7 SP1 (it was good but with one, two fails), and now I want to mod 8.1. I see this great tool - Winreducer 8.1
[SOLVED] Used V1.05- Cant rename folders or move folders
Here is a copy of my post from the help section.  I beleive it is a bug as another user has had the same issue after using v1.05....... I have used Winreducer v1.05 to integrate all updates to April and then remove the following... MetroUI - all
1. NIIT : Not Interested in IT 2. WIPRO : Weak Input, Poor & Rubbish Output 3. HCL : Hidden Costs & Losses 4. TCS : Totally Confusing Solutions 5. INFOSYS :Inferior Offline Systems 6. HUGHES : Highly Useless Graduates Hired for
How to move my selenium test cases from Rc to Grid
Now i am running my test cases using selenium RC with junit,ant..Now i want to move my testcases to grid so that enable running the tests parallelly..I used the demo available in selenium Grid support.But that was given for it possible that i
Huge Silver Haul Found On WWII Shipwreck A team of shipwreck explorers has discovered the largest known haul of precious metals ever found in the sea. The SS Gairsoppa was torpedoed by a German U Boat in 1941 Odyssey Marine Exploration
[IMPLEMENTED] WinReducer Config Page: Full Automatic Installation
Request 1 - Smarter config downloader After a component failed to download (my fault), there wasn't a way to just download that missing component.  It wanted to download everything again! Please could the downloader be a bit smarter and only download
Selenium tutorials for beginners/newbie
hi, Check out this link, these will definitely help you. A nice video tutorial have a look over it: Enjoy it.
How to get full text from truncated text display?
I have a link with text "Hello World". However, due to limited screen size, "Hello World" is been truncated on the web page as "Hello Wor...". Selenium getText() returns an incomplete text as "Hello Wor". Is there a way to get the full text when the
Move "online" below profile
Hello, it's me again. I would like to know if it's possible to move ONLINE/OFFLINE bar down, after the profile box in the topic view. I am happy with the way it looks, but I just want it to be after the profile box. I've tried doing that myself, but I jus
Violent Video Games and Kids
The United States Supreme Court accepted a case from my state of California this week. At issue is a state law (not yet enforced) that prohibits the sale and rental of violent video games to anyone under the age of 18. It is already illegal for sexual
Drug Seeker Video
I found this on a medical blog. A drug seeker on a YouTube video--it's a cartoon--seeking drugs for fake seizures and migraine: Cheryl
Bust a Move Plus
Bust a Move Plus is also known as Puzzle Bobble Plus or Bubble Bobble Plus in Europe (depending on where you live on the continent). Not to be confused with the American Bubble Bobble Plus which is an action platforming arcade game also released by Taito
Move Over Coldwater, There's A New WUM In Town..
And it is twittering away to warm any pitchforker's heart - if they have such a thing. ExNOTWjourno2 Marie X #mccanns: why are they being protected? GM is part of a governement committee which monitors radiation in the enviroment. M Now, I know
The Video Game Character Alphabet
In this game we'll loop through the Alphabet from A-Z in an infinite loop using characters from video games! Here is an example of how it will work: Post #1: Axel. (Kingdom Hearts) Post #2: Bubsy. (Bubsy) Post #3: Crono. (Chrono Trigger) etc.
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