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Review: X-Type Plus (Wii U eshop)
Classic Bullet-Hell Fun! X-Type Plus is a title in the bullet-hell shoot em' up sub-genre and was published and developed by the indie development studio PhobosLab. How does this game fare when compared to classic games in the genre? Read the rest
Animal Myers Briggs - What's your animal type?
For a bit of fun... Without having done Myers Briggs in years, I'll just go with a hunch and say I'm a Meerkat...
Well to Hell
It's a hoax, but an interesting one: There's a link to a supposed sound file of hell at the bottom of the page. I wonder if there were any Satanic metalheads going to Siberia lol.
Carly, an Autistic girl can type !
This is pretty amazing, brings tears to my eyes ... Autistic Girl Expresses Profound Intelligence Her name is Carly.
what the hell does THIS mean?????
Hi, Today I received the results of my EEG. My neurologist told me I have 'irregular slow wave activity in the left temporal region of the brain.' Does anyone know what that means? The neurologist told me that it isn't anything to be concerned
AV Sec Suite removed, Redirect Hell has begun..
HELP! I have tried for hours just to get this posted..Hope it works this time from Work ! After removing AV Security Suite: Redirects, Hijacked pages, and now has been hijacked. My laptop will not connect to GeekPolice, gets redirecte
Belfast couple's 'Holiday Hell' at hands of Portuguese police We don't want another Madeleine McCann:
What type of Fae are you?
Another silly little quiz. What type of Fae are you? Here are my results:
Difference between sendkeys and sendkey in selenium webdriver
Can any one explain the difference between sendkeys and sendkey in selenium webdriver
treatment for cervicogenic headache / doctors specializing in this type of headache
Is anyone familiar with effective treatments for cervicogenic headaches (from a whiplash injury) and / or doctors specializing in this kind of headache? I have constant, severe headaches and neck pain from a car accident nine years ago. I have tried
Personality type functions
Here's a site where you can test the strenghts of your personality type functions (Ti, Te, Ni, Ne, Si, Se, Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum, Ei, Ei, O, you get the idea.) Here are my results: Cognitive Process Level of
phpbb3: A new type of navbar
A new type of navbar phpbb3 This tutorial will help you with adding a new type of navbar to your forum, and how to customize it! It is mainly ran off of CSS so it is lightweight, but you can use mini images too if you like. Applying Navbar Before we
Anyone get this type of pain?
For the last 5 or more years, I have been getting a very difficult to treat type of head pain. It starts in the back of the head and neck. My head feels like someone sandpapered the inside of my entire skull. I get a lot of motion sensitivity, light and
Feature: Our Top 5 Ghost-type Pokémon
We count down our favourite spooky spectres of the Pokémon world Halloween is almost upon us, the time of year when, according to folklore, the veil between our world and the spirit world is at its thinnest. So what better time than to count down our
Exploit Rouge Scanner (Type:820)?
This thing gets old fast. It acts as a "Anti-Virus Removal" program. It keeps saying the PC is infected and won't go away when we say no to it. And when we say no 'it'just'keeps'taking'us'to'porn'sites. the "AV removal program" is
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