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Windows 7 SP1 x64 update list
Method:   Original install then Windows Update; Disk Cleanup, Get list of installed IDs and compare with previous month Updated 8th May 2015 - 187 Updates Step 1   (in this order)   2670838        (Platform Update)   2841134        (IE
Windows 7 SP1 x86 update list
Method:   Original install then Windows Update; Disk Cleanup, Get list of installed IDs and compare with previous month Updated 8th May 2015 - 186 Updates Step 1   (in this order)   2670838        (Platform Update)   2841134        (IE
[IMPLEMENTED] Remove Onedrive - Windows 10 TP 10041
I have managed to remove Onedrive   , and before / or during the installation. Ondrive will be installed during Windows Setup. I have removed all: Explorer - > Search - > ondrive -> delete - after installation OneDrive was back - i
[ANSWERED] How to remove/disable Windows 10 preview Keylogger?
According to Windows 10 preview TOS they are using a keylogger mechanism to track our every click and move to improve their software and stability. While that sounds good in terms of performance and a better windows 10, it can be a pickle to use on
Optimizations - Windows WinSXS Files Cleanup (EXTREME)
Hello all, We could discuss here about folders and files which could be removed from the WinSXS and NET Framework folders to reduce even more Windows 8.1 ... EXPERIMENTAL BUILD (Skydrive link) : This my list of folders and
Remove Windows Protection Suite [Removal Guide]
This guide will give you easy instructions on how to remove Windows Protection Suite for free. What is Windows Protection Suite? (Information) Windows Protection Suite is a fake security software which uses fraudulent strategies by displaying fals
[IMPLEMENTED] BlackViper services and components list
On there are a list of components to can be removed. I have used this setting through RT7 on W7 and i haven't a problem. The list is very long but the
Remove only some of the windows games possible?
Hey Winter! I would like to know if it is possible to only remove some of the windows games? I have tried it but it did not seem to work. Maybe I am missing something but here are the things I tried: - Versions, and - I
How to remove a rootkit from windows 7
Hi I need help removing a rootkit.TDSS.v3 virus from my computer. I have tried malware and avast and it wont remove. Can you PLEASE help!!!
Destroy Windows 10 Spying. What to remove?
Hey guys.  I thought we could make a thread about what to remove to destroy Windows 10 spying. There's tons of scripts out there today but not seem to be trustable to install. Let this be the thread to dicuss this matter. Imagine a button in the
[IMPLEMENTED] Remove Windows Geolocation packages
Hi Winterstorm, I hope, you can add this removing to one of the next alpha builds or maybe beta. I removed the exact name with buildnumbers, because these are changing from build to build and localiziations. Thank you for this great tool
[ANSWERED] Remove all default Windows drivers and replace with DriverPack
Hi guys, Recently I sysprepped my Win7 Ultimate x64 and next I want to slim down my image with Winreducer. I want to strip it as much as possible but I'm struggling with the drivers to be removed. I would like to remove all default Windows 7 drivers
If removing XBOX 360 driver not remove files in Windows File Repository folder.
If removing Xbox 360 driver some files not are removed in the folders
Windows 10 ESD Database Update Log in case anybody was wondering
Black Viper’s Windows 10 Service Configurations
Hello He updated the service tabel to “Tweaked” configuration. maybe too have a preset. that have and says ''safe'' and ''tweaked''
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