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Feature: Our Top 10 Mario Kart Courses
People have been playing Mario since the early 80's, and the franchise has expanded and evolved to accommodate all sorts of gameplay to suit just about every gamer, with the Mario Kart series undoubtedly the pinnacle of multiplayer Mario mayhem and fun -
WiiWareWave News: New Theme And Contest Promotion
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Promotional Splash of Color! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We have teamed up with noowanda to giveaway five North American download tickets for Discovery for the Wii U eShop! In return our site will be decked
WiiWareWave News: Big Steps Have Been Made Towards Fixing The Site!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One Giant Leap! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [image placeholder] We have finally managed to fix our administration panel and the mobile version of our website in the past week, there's still a ton more
Have games been removed from the DSiWare service?
Sorry if this is a stupid question, but does anyone know if Nintendo removes titles from the DSiWare Shop? I live in NA and I tried to pick up Armada, the Flight Control clone, today and I can't find it anywhere. Anyone else notice it being gone from thei
Feature: Top 6 Best Super Mario Galaxy Series Galaxies Part 2!
Galactic Gems! We are continuing our picks of the best Super Mario Galaxy series galaxies in this second part of this WiiWareWave exclusive feature! Get ready for some more amazing galaxies right now! #3 Freeze Flame Galaxy: Freeze Flame
Tetris Party Live Has Been Removed From eshop And DSiWare!
Long Live Tetris! Tetris Party Live has been removed from the DSiWare and eshop services. The reason behind the removal appears to be that Tetris Online Inc's license to develop Tetris games has expired. Update- it appears as though the game
Windows 8 / How to enable "Remote Desktop Server" when "Windows Firewall" has been removed
(Probably works on Windows 7 as well, but I don't have Windows 7 where to test this) If you use a 3rd party firewall you maybe don't want to keep "Windows Firewall" service. So in case you have removed "Windows Firewall" service with WinReducer and
She's done another one; sadly for the forkers, she has confirmed what we have been trying to tell them - the shutters DO open from the outside.. Criminal
AV Sec Suite removed, Redirect Hell has begun..
HELP! I have tried for hours just to get this posted..Hope it works this time from Work ! After removing AV Security Suite: Redirects, Hijacked pages, and now has been hijacked. My laptop will not connect to GeekPolice, gets redirecte
[Info] When you removed apps, you may get trouble with KB2923768
Hi@all,   Yesterday I noticed a behavior, which happened twice for me and till know I was not able to locate the problem. After installing windows updates on patchday, the login to my system suddenly lasts for about 3-5 minutes ( normally < 10sec ).
Update Breaking News: EA Pulls Support For Wii U and 3DS Might Develop For Nintendo Again in The Future!
Goodbye Forever...? EA has confirmed with Kotaku and other websites that they have no games under development on the Wii U or 3DS and that they have no current plans to release more games on the consoles. Are you upset that games such as Madden
WiiWareWave Is Now Up Once Again.
Returning With A Spash! WiiWareWave was down after a DDoS attack overloaded our site and afterwards a hacker managed to prevent us admins from fixing our website, but finally after five days our website is fully functioning once again! We will be
Interview with Gonc's lawyer that was hastily removed.....
I don't have the original of this; it doesn't appear to be online, but paper only. Which no doubt means it came from O Crime, whose lawyer Gonc handily shares. Gonc's on the cover of the 5th September issue of the rag, looking sad, and much fatter than
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