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Topamax Success Stories
I've read all the posts from the people who did not have success or experienced side effects on Topamax.  My doctor is putting me on 25mg/day.  I usually tolerate most (not all) meds well.  Since I know all the bad stories, I wondered if anyone had any
My Top 10 Nintendo News Stories of 2011/2012
Four days ago I was sitting at the computer, the same way I always do everyday. Today was different though I was trying to think of a news article to write for Wiiwarewave while simultaneously thinking of a new list I wanted to write for So
Prophylactics: Any Success Stories?
I've been on Amitriptyline 50 mgs one month. I still had 3 to 4 combination tension headaches/migraines a week. I also gained 5 to 6 lbs in that one month. I am giving up. I had tried Inderal (Propanolol). It would only work at doses 80 mgs and
Ghosts and Paranormal in Wigan
Wait till Tonker sees this Where is Skitters Wood?
What does Wigan mean to you?
bad date stories
For the period i was on the dating scene i had several bad dates. I'm gonna summarize here and would love to hear yours!! #1 Tracksuit Guy He showed up to an upscale bar/restaraunt in a poufy nylon tracksuit (and no he had not been running) He
Wigan Fair
The black peas tent candy floss and rolling pennies. Carrying home that goldfish that dad won. What are your memories?
Wigan Coalfields memorial
Coun George Davies with a pit tub, celebrating mining history in Wigan, on display in Mesnes Park, Wigan Read more at: Wigan’s coalfield and the thousands of people who
Red Amber Green
42 sets of traffic lights.
'We should never give up hope': 5 other missing-child stories with happy endings
My friends, this was taken from NBC News:
Daily severe headaches/botched spinal surgery
Hi I also have headaches all day every day, starting as bearable when I get up and increasing during the day until I can hardly open my eyes in the evenings. My vision gets blurred as the day goes on and sitting agravates it. Going from sitting to
Syria refugees
Syria refugees: Bishops urge David Cameron to do more Eighty-four Church of England bishops have revealed that they wrote to David Cameron last month urging him to accept at least 50,000 refugees from Syria. Can I just ask where the hell do we
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