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Grammar Errors
Hello, Do you see a grammar error or miss spelling? Post the original piece along with the correct version. To ensure that its being looked at and to help locate this issue, please provide a screenshot and the location. Example: Admin Panel
An Abuse Has Been Reported
I checked my Administration dashboard today and saw that someone had reported my homepage for Copyright. It didn't say who left this, an IP address or an email. So I was just wondering how could I get in contact with the reporter to solve the issue?
Reported for an abuse?
I got a 'report abuse' saying that I have the MSN logo all over the place? Wtf? I don't have it anywhere.. Will this report have any effect on my forum? I honestly don't have any copyrighted stuff on my forum.. I mean I think
Reported post
Is it possible to... When a user reports a post it goes straight to a forum. Example. I make a staff only forum. A user reports a post from another user. The reported post goes straight into the forum as a post for staff members to see. Is it
Forum Reported.
My forum has been Reported for Hacking. We have Reviewed All Topics. None of Which Topics Contain any Dangerous or Malicious Hacking Content. Note: Our site does have Xbox 360 Console Modification Forums to show mods of Licensed Microsoft Materials
The sims (3) save errors fix. (Error code 12, 13, 15, 16) *[UPDATED 24-11-2012]*
Hello Sims fans, If you’ve ever encountered a save game error, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say it’s not something to be happy about. Here’s some information about the errors, and possible solutions and prevention. Error code 12: Thi
Website has been reported to Microsoft for containing threats
It has come to my attention that when trying to open up my forum site in IE the following warning is displayed. This website has been reported to Microsoft for containing threats to your computer that might reveal personal or financial information Thi
Received notification of my Admin has been reported.
I have received a notification that my friend who helps me with the site as Admin has been reported, apparently her avatar was reported as violent, and her avatar is of a young Goth Girl which she actually is, but her avatar is a cartoon picture, not a
Someone reported my forum (more details inside)
Basically I run a Graphics Art forum ( In our terms of service, , we state the following: - Theft - which includes copying, tracing, and flat-out steal - will NOT be tolerated. We have
[Emergency] Fake Abuse Reported 2nd Time
Hi all, Someone who have problem with my forum reported a fake abuse about sexual/pornography material. Can I have the details of this person to provide all of them to my lawyer to take all the legal actions? This is the second time of a fake report for
So, who was the Portuguese blogger Team Gonc reported to the PJ over internet piracy?
For some unknown reason, the Gonc fan club is steadfastly ignoring a huge chunk of testimony heard in the Lisbon court. Just as they're ignoring the more recent disaster, involving the name DUARTE LEVY. But aren't they bothered that, every time they
Hi, I ve tested my Forum and there are some DNS Errors. Because we all were on one server, we all have the same Errors. Can a tecnikan fix them? - It
Errors during the image recovery
I am trying to upload my skin to hitskin but I am getting this error as it loads "Errors during the image recovery ", then it gives me an image URL. IDk, did my skin submit? I went to my skins and noting is there, but when I try to upload my ski
help please Google sitemap Errors
i have had four attempts now at doing a google sitemap, keeps come up i have errors here is a list of errors 2 Invalid URL This is not a valid URL. Please correct it and resubmit. Help URL: Problem detected on: 7 Invalid URL This is not a
Non-Stop script errors?
This is more of an annoyance then a problem, ever since installing Island Paradise, NRaas ErrorTrap keeps on consistently saying "NRaas ErrorTrap, Script Error, simname" Its driving me crazy because I dunno whats causing it, all my mods have been updated
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