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So, who was the Portuguese blogger Team Gonc reported to the PJ over internet piracy?
For some unknown reason, the Gonc fan club is steadfastly ignoring a huge chunk of testimony heard in the Lisbon court. Just as they're ignoring the more recent disaster, involving the name DUARTE LEVY. But aren't they bothered that, every time they
[SOLVED] Errors WinReducer for 8.1 v.1.20-1.22
" />" /> What could it be? Starting with version 1.20 and up ... In version 1.19 and below - and it works. The program is installed on the same computer, and Windows 8.1 (Enterprise x64). I understand English is not very good (native -
testosterone replacement and migraines
The question has come up as to whether low testosterone in men is associated with migraines. In my case, I think it is the other way around. Over a decade ago my T-level was tested and found to be high normal. My doctor was concerned because at the tim
[ANSWERED] Winreducer 7.0 unhandled Exception errors
I am using WinReducer 7.0 After I click  on the main windows, i.e.: It shows an error message:    Please help!! After I press apply again, it shows: please help!!            
[ANSWERED] 2 Problems on WinReducer 8.1
Hallo, I was using WinReducer 8.1 to customise my Windows 8.1 Pro x54 ISO. I successfully Intigrated Updates and Registry Tweaks. And I used an WinReducer Abstract theme for Windows. I couldn't intigrate the drivers though. I could see the driver list
[SOLVED] Winreducer 7.0.316 Config errors
WinReducer.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <!--Configuration File generated with a WinReducer Software created by Winterstorm2050 from> <Config>  <Date>2/18/2015 10:02:17
[SOLVED] trouble with first install of new WinReducer EX-81
Some short points to new WinReducer EX-81 - v1.0.0.0 After activation I pressed the download button and get the message, that an error happens. I think, because all software buttons were shown as OFF ( 7zip, ImageX, oscdimg, ResHacker, SetACL ). So I
using google chrome with selenium RC
Hi i have selenium RC server with me. i could launch IE and firefox using this but i need to launch safari and chrome as well. i am facing issue with this. kindly help Thanks
How to capture the errors handling in Selenium RC using C# , Testframework: Nunit?
I'm using Selenium RC using C#, Test framework NUnit. My application throws the below error while running the link with code improper handled "A Runtime Error has occurred" in IE 7.0 and "Error on this webpage might cause it to work incorrectly" in IE
XHTML - Lesson 5/5
XHTML - Lesson 5/5 Learn XHTML - Part 5 This is lesson 5 out of 5. Validation of XHTML documents To make sure that a XHTML document sticks to the rules, should we validate our document. A validation discovers a lot of fails, that you could have
Can I check the error message displayed or not in Selenium?
Hi All, Thanks for the help in advance.... I am new to python... Please clarify the below 2 things which is really helpful for me.. 1. When i enter a wrong username and password, it is showing invalid username... My expectation is that to check
Command openWindow(url, ID) errors out in IE9. Works fine in Firefox 9.
The base URL for my test case is example1.html but I need to open a second urlexample2.html to get some data from there and close it at the end. The problem is thatwhen I try to open the new instance I get the following error:20:48:13.978 INFO - Got
Timeout after 30000 ms (common Error)
What are the reasons for this error??? what are the ways to handle this very common error. Please Anyone help me in this regard.
Unable to run TestNG Testcase in Eclipse by using Mozilla Browser
Hi, I am trying to execute Selenium Test case by using Test NG Frame work in Mozilla Firefox and IE Browser. But I am getting below Pop up error: Could you pls help me out on this? Attaching the Error and also sample code below for more info An
Selenium RC; Permission denied on session.([error] Element not found ")
Selenium RC; Permission denied on session.([error] Element not found ") Hi,I m using Selenium IDE and Selenium RC,
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