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getting off Topamax
Can anybody share their experiences with getting off this drug? What does it do to you when coming off of it? Like...does the tingling go away right away, does it get worse, will I still feel crazy, or more crazy or less... will I start liking Coke
Stopped Topomax Cold Turkey - Length of Withdrawal?
I've lurked before but never posted - appreciate all of you who contribute here! However, I'm worried this weekend, and I don't know who I would even call about this on Monday... Despite all the warnings about Topomax and pregnancy (didn't realize that
Weaning off Inderol?
Hello, I'm a new gal here. I was hoping for some advice about Inderol - Beta Blockers. I'm currently taking it as a preventative. I have just been diagnosed with transformed migraine and trying to come to terms with that, preventatives, and the merry go
Topamax Success Stories
I've read all the posts from the people who did not have success or experienced side effects on Topamax.  My doctor is putting me on 25mg/day.  I usually tolerate most (not all) meds well.  Since I know all the bad stories, I wondered if anyone had any
Topamax- Help?
I started Topamax 3 days ago..25 mg a day titration meaning I started 25 mg Sunday, 50 mg yesterday and 75 mg today. About an hour after taking it yesterday morning I started feeling euphoric and ended up accomplishing one hours worth of work in 8
question for topamax users
I've been taking a low dose (started out with 15 mg, up to 50 mg) of topamax, since December. Although I have never been diagnosed as bi polar, I feel I may be, but I don't have huge mood swings and functioned ok, went to college, held down a job, raised
topamax troubles
I've had a spike in migraines in the last two months and after consulting with my gp I increased the topamax dosage by 25 mgs per day. I think topamax messes with my emotions, sometimes I seem weepy and other times quick to anger. I just got into a nasty
Starting Topamax - a little anxious
Hi folks~ I am starting Topamax in a day or two (as soon as it clears the insurance approval.) I am very sensitive to side effects, so my Dr is starting me on 15 mg, a pediatric dose. Honestly, the only preventative I've ever taken has been herbal or
Topamax? Does it stop working after a while?
I've been on Topamax for several years. Currently am taking a dose of 200mg daily. No improvement since my last dosage increase. Does Topamax stop working after you've been on it a while? Does the body become used to it? Would it make sense to stop it
Changes w/ Topamax + new ideas...
I saw the neurologist again today. I told her I had been taking Topamax--regardless of dose--for a month and a half straight, and that I was taking 75mg for 16 days straight. I said there wasn't any noticeable relief, and the side effects were
My Topamax Experience
I started Topamax about 5 weeks ago and I have been really happy with the results. I noticed improvements right away. I started at 25 mg and only increased 2 weeks later. I am now at 75mg and will go to 100mg next week. About the only side effect I
Topamax & GAS
Ive been on Topamax (generic) and Ive noitced that I've been getting terrible gas. I dont want to get off the meds cuz its been working great for me and no migraine since ive started but its been giving me very uncomforable gas!!! what have you been
Topamax and acne!! Anyone???
Ok folks, I have an unusual question and was wondering if anyone has had this problem. I am almost 49 years old. In my teens and early 20's I NEVER had acne. Not once. I always had a beautiful complexion and was so very thankful that I did. Well,
Topamax Side Effect
Hi folks~ I am into my 3rd month on Topamax and I am happy to say that it is definitely helping the migraines! Although I have a pretty bad one right now, in general, I am able to do more than I have in years and am down to maybe 1-2 managable mild
Migraines and the common cold
So not only am I in M mode (stupid weather) I'm coming down with a cold. Anyone know of safe meds to take to combat the symptoms? I'm guessing certain things are no-nos but without having to bug the pharmacist, just wondered if anyone knew of things tha
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