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Test 2 browsers(either IE or firefox) concurrently
Hi, How can i open 2 browsers at the same time and test within one test script? I want to test concurrency within 2 browsers. I am able to work as using one browser as IE and other as firefox, how to open both in IE or firefox. I am trying some thing
When I run the selenium RC script, I am getting Failed to start new browser, Firefox 3 could not be found in the path!
When I run the script, I am getting the below error... I have pasted the firefox location in to system variable path... still i am getting the below error... java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not start Selenium session: Failed to start new
Temporary FireFox Profile using Selenium WebDriver
Hi, I have saved one firefox profile on my disk and then always open it via code(by giving it's disk path). As a result it always open my driver in this saved firefox profile. But even if it opens my saved firefox profile, it makes a copy of
Selenium with Firefox Portable
Hello everybody,  I intend to work with Selenium WebDriver 2.0 (C#) with Firefox Portable. I have Firefox Portable with 3 different Firefox Profiles on some location. Each of profile has some different settings. I would like to open 3 firefox
Can't lauch firefox with a python script
I am trying to lauch a Selenium script from a Python script and it gets stuck at "11:16:32.144 INFO - Launching Firefox..." The Selenium server is running well, I also tried the Selenium IDE and it works. I am using Ubuntu lynx, Firefox 3.6.23, Seleniu
AJAX call auto complete is not working in selenium ide in firefox 33.0(ubuntu 12.0)
Dear Friends, I was doing test on my laravel application using selenium.Textbox and dropdown values are tested properly.    My problem is whenever i click drop down that is auto complete drop down not able to take the value automatically.suggest m
Selenium Proxy Problem
Hi, I am trying a run a basic test case using selenium RC but no success It seems that there is a proxy problem bcoz our company has its internal proxy and selenium could not able to bypass that proxy. The moment it run using java
Xpath for buttons not working in IE but working perfectly in firefox
I am clicking a button using selenium in firefox and it is working prefectly fine but in Internet Explorer it is not working properly. xpath for button is //div[2]/span/button[1] complete xpath is /html/body/div[3]/div/div[2]/span/button css is
WebDriver Ant:not working for firefox browser
Hi I am using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Ant to run my test cases using firefox and worked fine initially. Now after the firefox 11 version the build.xml file is compiling successfully but while running, it is not launching the firefox browser at al
Selenium IDE - Firefox refresh confirmation dialog
Hi All, I am new to selenium, before posting this message I tried googling but ended in vein Issue: In a web-site which is secured with SSL certificate (https), I have to login and navigate pages and in particular page I need to refresh
Setting the path to firefox
Hi Guys Perhaps someone can help me here. I'm trying to run Webdriver Selenium Junit Test via Firefox but I always get an error cannot find firefox path. Since I had that with RC too and solved that one by just entering the path to the firefox exe, ho
Internet Explorer & Firefox are Very Slow & "Not Responding
This just happened recently. The internet has been slow and alot of the time when loading something online it will "Not Respond" and freeze for a couple seconds. It's getting annoying and im afraid that it will eventually crash my computer.
Using custom (or existing) firefox profile with webdriver
Hello, I have just installed selenium and testing it out. I've just hit the wall, for this test purpose I need my profile of Firefox. Not the one created by selenium. I need some addons, like adblock and greasemonkey. If there is safety reason, I can
proxy setting for firefox
trying to launch google via selenium through java program(below) [size=9]public[/size] [size=9]class[/size] test4 [size=9]extends[/size] SeleneseTestCase { [size=9]@Before [/size][size=9]public[/size] [size=9]void[/size] setUp() [size=9]throws[/size]
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