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How to set Wait time for the command(ClickandWait)
How to set Wait time for the command(ClickandWait)
Error : Timed out after 30000ms
Hi all, I am using Selenium RC with java client driver. Here i am getting Timed out after 30000ms error in RC server. ie, i have"//ul[@id='firstnav']/li[1]/a/span");
how to wait for the page refresh finished
If I enter value in input box before the page refresh finished,after the page refresh finished,the value will disappear,so how can I wait for the page refresh finished ? Thanks in advance.
Negative Testing with Selenium JUnit 4 Remote Control and Eclipse
Hi, I created the following script. I use Eclipse and JUnit 4: Can't add website to the code because: New members are not allowed to post external links or emails for 7 days. Please contact the forum administrator for more information. Please remove
required selenese commands for junit4
i have worked with Selenese commands for junit4 scripting like open,type,click,wait,assert.....can i know other remaining Selenese commands for junit4 scripting...?coding examples will be appreciable for better understanding...thank you..!
Cannot click on button
Hello, I have a button defined with Code:<td align="center" valign="center" nowrap="true" onfocus="isc_IButton_3_label.$47()" tabindex="-1"
Selenium server command options while starting server.
Usage: java -jar selenium-server.jar [-interactive] [options] -port : the port number the selenium server should use (default 4444) -timeout : an integer number of seconds before we should give up -interactive: puts you into
hi all, i want to add a command verifySelectedLabel in contextmenu pl guide me.
hi all, i want to add a command verifySelectedLabel in contextmenu pl guide me. From: Pankaj Doshi
Can any one suggest what command could be used for refreshing a page using c sharp
what could be the command to reload a page in c sharp..... i tried with selenium.WaitForPageToLoad("30000"); and selenium.Refresh(); option both are not working could any one suggest me a beeter solution
New user extension regarding wait and traverse in browser.
hi guys, There is some more function in new user extension related to the sleep/wait and history. It contain the following functions: 1. Sleep : This function will wait/sleep the thread for specified amount of time in milliseconds. command
How to open Command prompt by coding in C# having Selenium Rc server path ?
Hi, I am using selenium RC by doing code in C#. I want to open command prompt having path of selenium RC server through my script only. Can anyone please help me how to do that.. Kartiki...
Running Selenium Test cases as JUnit tests using Command Line
I'm recording scripts in selenium IDE and exporting it as JUnit3 tests. In notepad I'm editing it as needed for Junit by removing unnecessary package and adding imports needed for Junit jar and saving it as *.java file. I start up the selenium Rc server
error: Selenium can not be resolved
I have following selenium RC code i am using Eclipse error message: Selenium can not be resolved. Whats wrong in the code? Please help package com.example.tests; import com.thoughtworks.selenium.*; import org.junit.After; import
wait for confirmation
Hello everyone I need to automatise a test. The aim is to: click on a button delete. Then, a dialog confirmation yes/no appears. I need to click on the button yes. I have tried WaitForConfirmation, but it doesn't work. If I try to cklick on the
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