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Triptans don't work for me
Hi folks~ I haven't posted in a while but wanted to ask if anyone else finds that triptans do not work well for them. I have tried three so far: Imitrex, Amerge and Maxalt and they've helped maybe 20% of the time, even when I take them at the first sig
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Typing in text on remote machine does not work, locally it does.
Hi! I am using Selenium WebDriver to test a web application both locally and remotely on a virtual machine running on an external server. For both cases I use the same methods for interaction with the browser. In my case I use Firefox and IE8 locally
U.B. Funkeys Download won't work!
After downloading the U.B. Funkeys V4.8 download, I clicked on it and it said this: NSIS Error: The installer you are trying to use is corrupted or incomplete. This could be the result of a damaged disk, a failed download or a virus. You may wan
[ANSWERED] Never able to get .Net Framework 3.5 to work... Please help
Recently discovered winreducer... amazing... All the images that I have build are great! computers run superfast... No matter what I tried, I cant get .net Framework to work...  Tried to protect sysprep, tried without expert optimization, tried
When Triptans Don't Work
Hi Folks~ I haven't posted in a long time but do check the boards regularly since I am still suffering like all of you. The good news is that my migraines tend to come in cycles these days. I am having better stretches - just came off of an 11 day
Does Keppra work?
Keppra is my latest anti-convulsant my doctor is having me try. I don't notice any effect yet after two weeks, bad or good, and just wondering if it's worked for anyone else out there. If it did work, how long did it take to have an effect? Thanks.
Dealing w/ People + Meds at Work?
I've had severe migraine 24/7 for the past 3 years, constantly. If not for my pain management doctor and opiates, I would have gone insane by now. I've ben getting severe migraines for 25 years, so I really have tried it all in terms of meds, neuros,
TypeKeys doesn't work in Firefox 12 =(
So i've looked around and it seems this has been a common problem ever since Firefox 8. Although i've had TypeKeys work fine form 8 to 11. The recent Firefox 12 update has totally killed my IDE scripts that use TypeKeys. Is there a planned update i
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Anyone ever try it? I was prescribed it by my new neurologist this week. I took it on Tuesday and it wiped out a migraine in progress completely. I'm pretty amazed - virtually nothing has ever done that for me. It's hard for me to believe that I hav
Selenium-Server does not work with opera!
Hi, i record a little testscript with the firefox Selenium IDE. I saved it into a testsuit, which is called "TestSuite.html", my testcase ist called "Testcase" (without.html). Now i want to to do the test in several browsers (like
New Here and Trying SphenoCath SPG Block
I'm new here and so sad to see that there are so many like me. I get migraines almost daily and am on disability. I had nrrve decompression surgery over a year ago, and it helped for a few months then stopped helping. I can't take most preventives, and
[SOLVED] Enable Apps to Work with UAC Disable
This tweak does not work <Element Category="Tweaks" Name="Modern UI - Enable Apps to Work with UAC Disable" Selected="OK" /> Greetings Dideli
infusion therapy- does it work?
Hi all, I'm going in to my doctor's office next week for 3 days of infusion therapy (what a way to spend vacation, but I'll be happy if it does something). Apparently this is supposed to help reprogram my brain and stop the cycle of my migraines. Has
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