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Selenium and Vaadin
Hi, I am new to Selenium IDE and was trying on a simple login page with 2 input boxes, 2 buttons. I was able to record the actions but during playback , I encountered errors such as " does not exist." Our team is using Vaadin framework. I heard about
error: Selenium can not be resolved
I have following selenium RC code i am using Eclipse error message: Selenium can not be resolved. Whats wrong in the code? Please help package com.example.tests; import com.thoughtworks.selenium.*; import org.junit.After; import
browser runs minimized at startup in selenium RC
I am running my tests using Selenium RC on IE. I want IE browser to be maximized when the test starts. But During test, the browser always needs to be stretched by clicking it twice & maximize it manually. I have tried with
add functions to selenium-server-standalone.jar
In selenium IDE I added gotoIf function and it works perfectly, but how can I add this to my selenium-server-standalone.jar file so I can run my tests from the command line for the other browsers ? Or in other words how to include user-extensions.js into
[solved]how to run selenium ide test with webdriver
hi guys I have some tests made with selenium IDE but I want to be able to test in other browsers too so can anyone help me with a guide how to configure java and webdriver (im using netbeans) and convert my tests in java i tried to export my test as
Selenium different dirver problem
Hello, any idea why i do get thiis stacktrace? what do i do wrong please give me some hind i am trying to run selenium standalone remote with all browser support. Firefox node alone is working. Thats my batch file.. Code:START "HUB" java
Selenium webdriver Error - "Could not contact Selenium Server".
Hello, Here is simple webdriver program- import org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver; import org.openqa.selenium.firefox.FirefoxDriver; public class First { public void testFirst() throws Exception { WebDriver driver = new
How to use Looping Commands in Selenium ide
Hi All, Can anyone please tell me how to use looping commands like for,while , do-while commands in selenium ide directly while recording, Please give me some examples in for,while,do-while commands... Regards, Azhar
Start Selenium server
Hi Friends, I am trying to run the selenium server from c# (Visual studio), without manually running the server from command prompt. Help me in this regard.
Display 'Selenium Functional test Runner' when run selenium RC
Dear, everyone it's first I study about selenium, I try taking some guide about selenium but has something i don't see as guide; Please help me 1. I set up SDK and download eclipse full package juno 2. Has Selenium IDE set add-on on firefox 3. Make a
start selenium 2 with Internet Explorer.
Hi guys, Check out the following link to get step by step help Best of luck and try harder to get master of selenium.
Can any one one help me to select drop down value using selenium webdriver
Hi, I'm new to selenium. Can any one help me to select value from drop down boxes for below code. Below one is the HTML Source code: Active Time Spent Inactive Time Spent My Time Spent (Current Week) My Time Spent (Last Week) Team Time Spent
Automate oracle forms through selenium
Hi, I am trying to automate the oracle EBS through selenium. But I am stuck with the forms that are loading. There is no option to select any of the items in oracle forms through selenium. Can anyone please help me in this regard???
Selenium Rc : how to do multi user testing using selenium?
HI aLL, Can anyone help me out as How to do multiuser t=Testing using Selenium. I know that its possible by open multiple no of cmdprompt simultaneously but dont have any idea about How to do coding in Java Please help me if any body knows the
Issue: com.thoughtworks.selenium.SeleniumExcepion: ERROR Server Exception: A result was unexpectedly found in the result holdr
Hi, I am new the selenium and while executing selenium rc javaScript I got the below Exception. It seems to occur with setTimeout / waitForPageToLoad / isTextPresent. Some times it happens in one place and sometimes in other places, sometimes
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