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Personal Rank Titles
This tutorial will help teach you how to setup a profile field that allows your members to give themselves their own personal rank title. If you've modified your viewtopic_body template this modification may not work for you. If that's the case
New Rank Concept
I've been trying to think of a new rank style and I had this crazy idea of a watercolor design. Let me know what you think of the example below. I've got a similar set of warning bars on my blog (link in profile, view the Resources
[Đóng góp] Phôi hình ảnh để làm rank cực đẹp
đề mâu cho ai có hứng thú ^^!~ Link download: MF: Còn đây là trình pts non kém của em <(") ủng hộ nào :)
I just reached platinum rank at Club Nintendo!
I'm as elite as a Nintendo fan can be this year.
Spring Warm flat rank
Preview: Name: Spring Warm flat rank Design by KTV2 (member of ForumGiaiTri) - Share here Link download: Administrator: Support Forum: Moderator: Graphic
Rank picture for guest users
My idea is this: users who speak for unregistered (guests) by default have no nameplate. Through the admin panel you can not assign it. This tutorial will allow you to add a label to the guests. The template to edit is: viewtopic_body You have to tr
Stylize & Make Rank Titles Link To Groups
Stylize & Make Rank Titles Link To Groups This guide will help you achieve the following: Before making any changes, be sure that you meet the following conditions: 1. ) You must have some knowledge of HTML and hooks 2. ) You must know how to
You are not a member.
Nyob zoo Tub Davdub: kuv lam noog koj saib koj puas pab tau kuv os nawb. Yog vim li cas muaj tej lub sij hawm kuv post tsis tau Message li ma? Hib Hib ....
Stylize & Make Rank Titles Link To Groups
Creating the rank title Firstly you will need to create a new rank(at least for this tutorial if you're a novice) Go to Administration Panel > Users & Groups > Ranks > Rank Administration > Add new rank Now write the name of your ran
Member of the Month
With the addition of awards comes new competition ! Each month we'll be crowning the most active member on the forum with a time exclusive award in their profile. Only one person can wear this award at a time.. will you be able to defend your position as
Introduction of myself as a new member
Hi everyone, My name is Tonny Kamper, I live in The Netherlands and I'm the owner of a few forums myself. I'm always looking for ways to improve them and for that reason I searched through the Dutch and English helpforums completely to be able to lear
[SOLVED] New member avatar
Hello, @Ange Tuteur Just I created statistics as like your forum. So this time new member avatar is not fine. I want to change it by an image. How to do it?
Widget : Member Statistics
This widget displays statistics related to the members on your forum such as ; How many members you have, the most that were ever online, and the newest member. Click to view demo If you're familiar with IPB you should know that this widget is
New member...
Hi My name is Kristina, I have been diagnosis with severe chronic daily migraine which pretty much means that for the last 5 years I have had 1 constant migraine that only breaks when I go to the hospital when they get really bad. I'm light, smel
Member Balu Bra
Nama: Aldo.Sinner Lokasi: Zone Dead Sekolah/Univeristas: Unindra Pekerjaan: Mencari Kerjaan Bagaimana dengan gambar manual kamu ? So Bad Software apa yang kamu unggulkan? Adobe Illustrasi Operation system (OS) apa yang biasa kamu gunakan?
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