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Voting - Signature Contest [RESULT ANNOUNCED]
Voting - Signature Contest Vote for your favorite signature! Hello everyone So the submissions end; and here starts the voting. THough we have only 2 entries in the contest of designing a signature. We'll do voting for the best one. Here ar
Hatsune Miku Signature
This is completely different from my normal sigs I make. I've always wanted to make one with the render popping out of the piece to add uniqueness. I've also applied some vectors and an additional Miku render shadow to the left. This is pretty much a
Signature Set
Creation Type: Signature Set Size (In Pixels): 350px (width & 150px (hieght) Primary Colors: See extra comments. Secondary Colors: N/A Images to include: See extra comments. Text to Insert : See extra comments. Font (Provide Download Link):  Rieslin
The Ability to Have a Signature
If you would like to have a signature, you can if you have 1,000 points.  When you ready, please send a pm to me asking to have a signature.
Three-Picture Signature
Sample Font: Mochary Font Size: 24pt For light based forums. A signature with space for both text(s) and three, small images with an optional base render slot.
creative signature contest
Anyone ever won a creative signature contest[ as in sign the name of the company on the entry form]? Care to share what you did to win? Maybe someone has a link to winning entries? Thanks Frank
Add Signature Resizing To Your Forum
Add Signature Resizing To Your Forum This tutorial will help you set up a Signature Resize for your forum using CSS. This prevents large images from stretching or otherwise breaking your forum. Example:
Disable Driver Digital Signature Enforcement
I have the Broadcom Netlink Ethernet, the driver for it in windows 10 keeps on randomly disconnecting, I was able to installed the Unsigned driver from Windows 8.1 which works perfectly, but to install it I have to reboot it and disable the driver digital
Sig's not appearing
ya i need some help with my sig..... on preferences i said yes on the "always attach signature" but its still not showing up.... anyone help me please?
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