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Mouse hover functionality using Selenium RC?
Hi, Can we test mouse hover functionality using Selenium RC? I read on some articles and came to know that RC have a drawback and we can not test mouse hover functionality using RC and to test that we would need to switch to web driver. Pls
Unable to perform Actions on Mouse over Elements in Selenium WebDriver
Hi There is an invisible element on my HTML page which becomes visible when a mouse hover is done on the element. What I Have to do is Hover over the element Click on the element (it will display 5 options) Click on one of the
Webdriver C# Mouseover
Hi guys, I am attempting to test a number of menus that require a mouse hover to view the links. When I have recorded using the IDE the mouseover works. When I attempted to export them in C# it tells me that it's not possible in C#. Does anyone know ho
[HTML] Dropdown menu list (Mouse hover)
Tutorial: Dropdown menu list This tutorial will allow you to create a fancy drop-down menu list for your link in header. --> Tutorials, tips and tricks <-- Dropdown menu list 1º - Javascript Placement: All
selecting dropdown list using selenium
I am using selenium in Firefox. My application is having a ajax drop down list with autosuggestion option from where i need to select data. When I start typing in the text area, autosuggest control provides similar options available in the
How to select multiple item from the web list and drop down list in Webdriver
How to select multiple item from the web list and drop down list in Webdriver. Regards, Ashok N T +91-9986602669
Urgent-how can i select and click on items present in combo box/drop down list box
Hi, how can i select and click on any one item present in combo box(Timesheet CR,zzz,Other Activities) below is my html code Code: <div class="x-combo-list-item x-combo-selected" style="white-space:
Selecting item from a drop down richfaces control type
I am new to Selenium. Have been exploring for the last 2 weeks and now stuck with this issue for the past 7 days. I have a drop down list in my UI under test. IDE is not recording the selection. What it records is
Select drop down value in Selenium RC
Hi, Can anyone pls. let me know how to get the value from the select drop down in Selenium RC using IE. Select drop down has the "name" attribute. Eg. [size=9]selenium[/size].select([size=9]"name=paysFG"[/size], [size=9]"label=FRAN"[/size]); The
how to record auto calculation value in drop-down using Selenium ide
Hi am new to the selenium tool, when i record the drop-down list values in Selenium IDE the values is displayed in the drop-down list but the total calculated values is not displayed in the text-box please do the need full help . and please find the
Command for mouse over in webdriver
Can some one suggest me what is cmd for mouseover in web driver??
How to chose dropdown values in Selenium IDE?
Hi, I have to slect values in dropdown using datadriven. for e.g $var1="Abc" Select name=$var1 I have used this code and while running encounetring error label with $var1 is not found. Can anyone help.
selenium RC not able to choose a value in drop-down list which is build using ul tag...
I am using selenium-RC for my automation with java (Eclipse Kepler) . I am facing some issues with a selection of a option in a drop down list which is not in select tag it is in span. I want to test a page where their is a drop-down list for selection
Drag and drop command
Hi all, I am new to Selenium IDE. I want to test an application using Selenium IDE. I want to drag and drop some pictures. Can anyone help me out in using the exact command and the parameters i need to pass. -Adithya
mouse hover doesn't work for safari and firefox browsers
//Find the achievements element without the number.  waitForElementXPath is wrapper I wrote using the function waitUntilExpectedConditions WebElement achieveCircle =
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