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Swamp Thing Vs Man Thing
Round 1. Morals on[img][/img] Round 2. Bloodlusted
What are you best at?
The title says it, it says about what are some of your talents or what is the one thing you are best at? (example: if you're very good at making friends etc.) For me, some says I'm good at giving advices to my relatives...
Terraria races thing
Yeah so I'm helping a guy work on a Races mod for terraria, no biggie. I'm just posting this here so I can get back to work on it on monday when I have internet again. Comment or ignore it idk. Total Racial System for Terraria. Race 1:
What is the worst thing anyone has or can say to you about migraine?
Hi All, I am working on a blog post entitled "The worst things you can say to a chronic migraneur" and I need some help. I have a few, but I would love to hear your stories as well. Here is my list so far: 1. Migraines, they have
The most horrible thing happened to me at the doc today
My doc and I have an agreement that I can come in first thing in the morning without an appt if I need a torridal shot for my migraines. This morning I showed up right before 8, and the nurse showed me to a darkended room, where I waited, and waited, and
Favorite thing about our OTP
So, I was just curious what everyone's favorite thing about our OTP is (i.e. they look so good together, Jun is just so *different* with Mao, etc. etc.). For those of you who want to take it a step further-- what do you wish our OTP would do more of
A "Choose Your Own Adventure Story" Thing I Did
This is a little story I made using InkleWriter. It has a Choose Your Own Adventure system, and uses advanced logic to keep track of your decisions as you go. It's got some loose ends here and there, and it starts out in a rather silly fashion, but it get
B: Updating Your Game Software
problems downloading updates? by develish1 First things first, you need to have your game set to look for downloads or nothing will happen. To get the download message to pop up, first start your game, but don't log in yet. Click on
How much do you thing I could sell my complete Virtual Boy set for?
I have a mint Virtual Boy with its entire library that's also in great condition and was wondering how much I could likely sell it for
How to survive a 3 day hockey tournament
As I am getting the kids packed , the hockey gear accounted for, phoning to confirm reservations, I am getting that little tingle in the back of my head. UGH!!! Keep for fingers crossed for me that 4 games, team bowling party, team dinner, and staying a
Beta Blockers for prevention of migraines?
I went to see my Neurologist last week after having a pretty terrible reaction to Triptans (heart palpitations and chest pain). I had also tried Topomax but felt incredibly anxious/moody on it. He put me on beta blockers for the migraines. He also set me
So there are things we can do to improve our eyesight
4 Ways to Improve Your Eyesight By Dr. Maoshing Ni May 20, 2011 Send Share Print Health Experts Main 1. Eat for bright eyesight Protect your peepers with a vision-ary diet! Our eyes require multiple nutrients to function optimally. Start wit
Hardest part in learning web design?
What do you thing is the hardest thing to learn in web designing? As per me, the most difficult thing is to achieve cross-browser compatibility. What about you?
World Breaker Hulk Vs HP Doomsday Vs Thanos (W/Power Gem)
No Prep No Knowledge Of Each Other Location: Apokolips
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