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GammaCore - Headache Device
Here is a migraine device that may be of interest to forum members: Unfortunately, it is not for use in the US, Canada, or Japan. As to Canada, I think that it is restricted to Cluster
DF Troubleshooting - Something is wrong with the UB Funkey...
Something is wrong with the UB Funkey... by revvinon If you place a funkey on the UB hub and you get a message saying "Something's wrong with the U.B. Funkey, can you check it for me?" try the following: 1) Unplug the UB hub from USB
What is this QoL device that I keep hearing about?
I keep hearing people talk about this QoL health device that Nintendo is developing and that it is non wearable, but the thing I want to know is Nintendo leaving the video game industry and instead is going to focus solely on health devices or will the tw
CAA Why do I need a Unique Funkey Name (UFN)? How do I get one?
A Unique Funkey Name or UFN is necessary if you want to enjoy any of the online features of the game. These include Multiplayer or MP games where you can play against a human opponent instead of the computer. In the Hidden Realm there's a 'free' MP game
CF Funkey Trunk & Angus Lab
tlcpokertables wrote:Hi there, I don't know much about this game, but my son keeps asking me questions about it....His latest question is, how do I get the portal jammers in the trunk?!? It keeps giving a message "Web registration and internet
Has anyone tried a device call Iceotherm??
I've just been reading about a device call Iceotherm. It states it could help various types of chronic, localized pain including migraines. It's been approved by Health Canada. Has anyone tried this??
Electrical device implant
Anybody heard of the new electronic device they implant? this is 2 wires in your forehead, and 2 in the back of your head with a long wire running down your back (all inside) to your waste hooked to a device that is planted 4 inches deep at your waste. I
Redo bootable usb device creator
hi, first i want to say, that its not something that need to be done now but maybe somewhere in the future. when i start the tool it shows me that i dont know why it shows us "Available HDD and..." when only USB drives are
[ANSWERED] Installing Wind 8.1 RTM ISO with Win 8 key??
Hi all. I havent gotten around to testing this yet, but was wondering if anyone had tried to install Windows 8.1 RTM with their key from Windows 8 and if the installation accepted it? (If you try to download the ISO of 8.1 directly, it wont accept the
PC badly affected after installing program
Hi, I had installed a program,(Glarysoft Malware Hunter) that was given to me,and 24 hours later i am still having major problems. I have a desktop running Windows 10 home. When installing the program, I unclicked all of the unwanted options that cam
[Bug]Mini navigation is colorless and some errors while installing FAE
Hello, I'd like to report two bugs. The first is about the mini navigation: On my forum, there is no background-color (I had to mark it so it's possible to read it on a white background, lol): So, I reinstalled FAE but this doesn't fix
After installing malwarebytes, it says mbam.exe can't be found!
I've used Malwarebytes successfully 2 times before, but for some reason, now whenever I click on it, it says it can't find mbam.exe. I installed it again, but the same thing happened. I would greatly appreciate the help!
MC Forum Help - Making a Funkey Banner or card or anything using pictures of Funkeys
Making a Funkey Banner or card or anything using pictures of Funkeys by revvinon Since many have been asking about the "Funkey Banners" I thought that maybe a few of you would like to try making your own. Here is what I use to make a Funkey
How to do at home migraine device
Migraine patients can learn how to do and use migraine pressure points devices step by step in this video: You can see published works about this migraine devices: Professor Cianchetti and d
[SOLVED] [EX 100 - v 0.9.13/0.9.14] [RS1 Build 14393] Manully downloaded Updates Not Installing & Some Cosmetic Bugs
Hi, I downloaded some manual updates for Windows Integration but it stuck on a Update don't know why. So is there a way that i can figure out Winreducer is stucking on which update so that i can remove it. Also there are some GUI Glitch in
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