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Toradol - Anyone uses it for migraine?
After 7 days in a row of migraine and several cafergot suppositories, I felt that I needed to break the cycle. Yesterday night, I had a look in our "pharmacy drawer" and searched for ANYTHING that could help. I found Toradol. My GP
How do I give myself an injection of Toradol
My head is really b ad, but hubby isn't home. How do I give myself the toradol injection..should I do it in my arm or buttom. Please ehlp
Bad migraine- toradol injection
Hi All, I know it has been a while since I posted, but I thought I'd check in. The migraines have been pretty bad lately. Also, the migraine triggers the fainting and there is just this vicious cycle. I am so frustrated. My usual meds haven't really
Learning how to do an I.M. injection
Today my neurologist agreed to allow me to perform my own toradol shots. He thinks I'm too thin to do this in my thigh, so I have to do it in my glute. I'm not sure how I could possibly finagle doing a glute injection on myself - has anyone done
Experiences with Toradol
Hi folks~ After having a very bad stretch of two weeks, culminating is a vicious severe migraine last Thursday into Friday, I went to urgent care and got my first Toradol shot (60mg)(w/a 5mg Reglan shot too) Amazingly, it's the first thing I've ever
Update on my Botox injections!
I thought I had posted an update long ago on my botox injections, but I didn't. Anyway, I did get the botox injections, all 31 of them, on Jan.17th. The shots were painful but it went quickly. I had a bad dull headache the rest of the day, not a migraine,
Trigger Point Injections
Hi All, It's been a while since I've been on here - sorry for the absence. I am scheduled to have a series of Trigger Point Injections on my occipital nerve next month, due to the fact that lately my migraine pain is as excruitiating in the base of my
Botox, Round 3/How are your Botox experiences going?
Got my third round of Botox this morning. I am anxious to see how it plays out this time. The first time I got it was so amazing - I would go 10-12 days at a time without even a twinge of pain, then have a shorter maybe 8-9 hour migraine, then go anothe
Need a new injection site
Hey all! I am hoping that someone here can give me a suggestion as to where else I can inject my imitrex shots. Up to now I have been alternating between my left and right shoulders. However the last time I used my left shoulder I ended up with my shoulde
Reaction to Imitrex injection
Hi, I have been a member here for a long time, but I haven't posted for awhile. I have used imitrex injections for at least fifteen years. I have had no allergic reactions in all that time. Yesterday I took a shot, and immediatly my arm got red an
Strange side effect?
I don't know whether this is a side effect per se of imitrex or part of the normal migraine cycle, but I thought I'd see if this happens to anyone else. I've noticed lately after I've taken an imitrex that when it starts to work, my breathing rate
jaw pain with migraine
Does anyone else get bad jaw pain along with migraines? If so, I'm curious to know how you and your doctor have treated the pain. Even when I get some parts of my migraine under control, the jaw pain seems to never go away. Most neurologists don't seem to
Migraine Support Formula
Has anyone tried this supplement consisting of a list of vitamins & supplement to help relieve migraine such as several b's, magnesium, coq10, niacin, etc. Has this suppliment been tried and true? Flo Please email
any painkillers as injections?
ok im new to all this, and noone answered my first post but i'll try again. I had a really bad headache today and my eyes started to hurt and was sensitive to sound, paracetamol did nothing. i started to think it was a migraine (still new to how i
I had the Botox injections!
A week ago Friday, I went in for the botox injections....31 on the first visit. It was very painful, especially the ones on my forehead. Some of the others in the back of my head, almost made me come unglued but it went fast, and I was left with a very
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