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Thought for the day
Well 2 actually We're always wondering, "What is Life?" Very simple and powerful answer: Life is all about Your Choices and Priorities." The day you realize that complaining will not get you anywhere, that will be the day your life will begin
MM cant cope
Funny thing. Registered. Accepted - even a message of welcome from Antionette. Made one polite post in the introductions thread. Now banned So the members of MM are obviously not able to cope with anyone who might disagree with their
Thoughts on Tai Chi
I was curious if any of you all have practiced Tai Chi, and your thoughts on it. I know it's not a self defense style (at least, not the way it's taught in the states). But there's a lot of things from it I think that could compliment a harder martial
Leaky Gut Syndrome
I'm fairly new to this forum, but not new to migraines.  History on me is I have had M's since I was a teenager.  I am now 47.  My M's were almost all food related (cheddar cheese and wine being my worst triggers) and as long as I stayed away from my
List of anime characters who can defeat my team? (individually)
Round 1: Thought Robot Round 2: The Living Tribunal Round 3: The Brothers Yin-Yang Round 4: Thanos w/HOTU Round 5: Sise-Neg Round 7: Dr.Doom (Beyonders power+IG) Round 8: The Spectre (Unrestricted) Round 9: Pre-Retcon Molecule Man Round 10:
Visual aura seems to be repeating over and over...this is new!
Hi there, I'm having an aura for the past few days that just seems like a normal aura, starts small, scintilating scotoma as per usual and builds to obscure half the visual field or so over 30 - 40 minutes then fades. Along with it I had about 6 hours
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