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Windows 7 Default Desktop ''Siamese Fighting Fish'' Wallpaper
WinReducer 10.0 - Beta Test Builds
Hello guys, I'm really proud to announce that the "WinReducer 10.0" development has began ! For the moment, and to ensure the best experience possible to all WinReducer users, the alpha test is only reserved to "Lifetime VIP
Beta Blockers for prevention of migraines?
I went to see my Neurologist last week after having a pretty terrible reaction to Triptans (heart palpitations and chest pain). I had also tried Topomax but felt incredibly anxious/moody on it. He put me on beta blockers for the migraines. He also set me
Beta-Blockers anyone?
Hi, I just want to run this by you, and ask if anyone has had results from the old fashioned Beta-Blockers, Propranolol and Migraines. Not sure if I will go down this avenue but may if I can get no relief. The thing is the Dr I saw at the
[ANSWERED] Default Profile Windows 8.1
In WindowsXp the are posible to create and edit one user profile (backgrounds, themes, file options, etc.) after completing user enviroment for that user there are posible to copy that profile into Default profile. So, every new user who login to that
Bravely Default: Flying Fairy StreetPass & SpotPass Feature
Square Enix released details on the upcoming Bravely Default. There is a town called Norende which is apparently in ruins. It is up to the player to restore this town using the Nintendo 3DS StreetPass and SpotPass features. As the town population
Using triptans whilst taking propranolol.
Hi i thought i read on here once that taking triptans whilst taking the beta blocker propranolol lessens the effectiveness of the beta blocker, could anyone clarify this or was i dreaming? Many thanks in advance x
New Age Bullshit Generator "After sitting through hours of New Age rhetoric, I decided to have a crack at writing code to generate it automatically and speed things up a bit. I cobbled together a list of New Age buzzwords and cliché sentence
Beta Ray Bill vs Hercules
Round 1 - BRB does not have Stormbreaker Round 2 - BRB does have Stormbreaker Round 3 - BRB has no Powers and it is Chaos Wars Herc Round 4 - Hercules has no powers and has to let BRB hit him 50 million times without getting knocked out while jus
FEXNA Beta topic
First, this isn't a request topic. Don't post here and say "oh hey can I be a beta tester?" because the answer is no. Unless I know you well and you wanna make me an offer. Anyway, this topic is for those who are in the fexna beta group on skype
BETA TEST schedule
Hello guys, As promised, few days ago, this is the Beta Test Schedule, which starts the 1st October : 1st step : TRANSLATORS * 1 October => Language Kit for translators = WinReducer Language File (in ".xml" format), ReadMe (in
Unreleased Windows 7 Beta Versions====Xclusive Look
Below are the Screenshots Of Unreleased Windows 7 Post Beta 1 Builds/Versions; 1.Build 7004 [Unreleased] 2.Build 7012 [Unreleased] 3.Build 7015 [Unreleased] 4.Build 7016 [Unreleased] 5.Build 7025 [Unreleased] Recently in January-2009 ,th
Selenium support for Browsers Beta version
Hello, We have automated some test cases using selenium. Now we got new requirement to run the scripts on the beta version of the browsers (IE, Chrome And Firefox). Will Selenium support the beta versions? Should we look for some other tool. Please
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