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[ANSWERED] Default Profile Windows 8.1
In WindowsXp the are posible to create and edit one user profile (backgrounds, themes, file options, etc.) after completing user enviroment for that user there are posible to copy that profile into Default profile. So, every new user who login to that
Bravely Default: Flying Fairy StreetPass & SpotPass Feature
Square Enix released details on the upcoming Bravely Default. There is a town called Norende which is apparently in ruins. It is up to the player to restore this town using the Nintendo 3DS StreetPass and SpotPass features. As the town population
New Age Bullshit Generator "After sitting through hours of New Age rhetoric, I decided to have a crack at writing code to generate it automatically and speed things up a bit. I cobbled together a list of New Age buzzwords and cliché sentence
IPB's default style
Theme Name: IPB's default style Forum Version: PunBB Template Usage: Yes (5 Templates) Theme Description: This is the IPB's default theme and i hope you like it.   Author Name: Matti Preview/Demo: ||| Preview & Install this skin from here
Changing the Default PM Pop Up
Change PM pop up windows with pop up    Description    This tutorial will give you a new Pop Up for private messages, one that will not open a new window and will not break running Javascript.    Demo    Code You have to reply to this topic t
Devcon Default DB
[size=18]Hello, I am trying to find out what Decondefaulftdb is? It is listed in the auto start program location. A file location is C:\Windows\system32\READREG/SILENT /FAIL=1 , It has no program tied to it. Can I remove this from the auto start? My
How to change the default Edge theme?
We've got plenty of themes to chosse from, one of which is now a custom 'KLM Flying Blue' theme. Say, what if we want to have for instance the default theme switched with the KLM one? What do we need to do? If been looking for an answer in the all.js but
Found a typo in your default Edge CSS
Hey, Perhaps nobody noticed yet, but you've got a typo sitting in the default Edge CSS comments. It won't do any harm but it looks a bit sloppy Samantha.
Choose Default Apps In Windows 10
Choose Default Apps In Windows 10 Here’s how to configure which programs open which files, links, and protocols in the Windows 10 OS. 1. Open Control Panel --> Programs --> Default Programs. 2. In the Default Programs window, click Associate a
problem with make default themes
i try 3 days now make default one theme in win 8.1 with update 3 and When make Boot for the setup Give one error : Autorun is corrupt or is not working ... please any solution ty!!!
How to load default Firefox profile for FirefoxWebDriver using Powershell
Hi, I try everything that is based on C# code examples but i can't load FirefoxWebDriver with my default profile. This is what i try: $profile = New-Object OpenQA.Selenium.Firefox.FirefoxProfile -Property @{ProfileDirectory =
how do I get rid again  _ploc with AutoUnattend.xml AutoUnattend.xml:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <!--File generated with a WinReducer Software created by winterstorm2050 from
Restore Windows Services To Default Startup Settings
Restore Windows Services To Default Startup SettingsA service is an application almost like any other. The difference between services and other programs is that they run in the background and don’t have a user interface you can click or tap on. Sometimes
[ANSWERED] Remove all default Windows drivers and replace with DriverPack
Hi guys, Recently I sysprepped my Win7 Ultimate x64 and next I want to slim down my image with Winreducer. I want to strip it as much as possible but I'm struggling with the drivers to be removed. I would like to remove all default Windows 7 drivers
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