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"the weirdest german new year s eve habit you ve never hea..."

Petadolex instead of Topamax or also know as butterbur?
Hi I'm a severe chronic migraine sufferer for about the last 7 years. My doctor took me off topamax. I'm totally free of it since about 5 weeks ago. I stopped taking it do to side effects, however I needed something to replace it. My Doctor told me to get
Has anyone ever heard of this?
I just heard a chiropractor giving tips on how to stop migraines naturally but what interested me more was that he said in Chinese medicine they believe that Migraine is a result of a energy disturbance in the liver and gallbladder. I find this ironic
McCann family's case against Gonzo - appeal being heard today
Supremo Tribunal de Justiça Descritivo: Tabela Homologada Tabela da Sessão de 31-01-2017 10:00 (1a SECÇÃO) Recorrente: Kate Marie Healy Mccann Recorrente: Gerald Patrick Mccann Recorrido: Gonçalo Sousa Amaral I won't try to predict the
New here-3 year old with migraines
Hello, My daughter has been diagnosed with migraines for a few months now. She is currently taking a Rx antihistamine (sp) for prevention. Tomorrow is her 3 month check up with her pediatric neurologist. The meds helped for a few week and then she was
15-year old girl caught having sex with 25 boys in the high school bathroom
A unnamed 15 year old student at South Fort Myers High School was caught having sexual intercourse with atleast known senior class mates then said boys had posted a video of the act on social media aka Snapchat that went viral across the school the young
Three year old missing in Edinburgh Three-year-old boy disappears from bed sparking hunt across Edinburgh STV 16 January 2014 08:56 GMT A three-year-old child has gone
Found Gonc's other case 1999
Found Gonc's other case 1999. I knew I had seen this, its from the fat defectives book (not the new one) BODY TELLS THE STORY OF A CRIME I remember the Mariana case, about a little three-year-old girl kicked to death by her own father in 1999 -
After Knut, meet Fritz, the polar bear melting German hearts
Fritz appears before the camera in January. Move over Knut, there's a new über-cute polar bear in town. Meet Fritz, the three-month-old ball of fluff that a Berlin zoo is hoping will capture hearts around the world. Knut the polar bear shot to
3 year old Neck Pain
My daughter has been having temporary neck pain on the same side of her neck for the last 9 months. We have had a CT Scan and an MRI and everything looks normal. She will wake up fine at 100% but then an hour and a half later she will say that her neck
[Announcement] End of the Year design + CLosing membership
Heya dear fellow tin-hatters I think it's my fashion to hurt your eyes or put on flashy colours on LSS so you cannot go on the forum during work-hours without being spotted. Boo to me. But you have to bear it for around 2 months (and a half maybe...
Number of Migraines per month on average
I wanted to discuss what the number of migraines people are getting and how long they last because mine seem to take over my life. The month of September, I have 24 days of headaches/migraines. I started a journal that month to write down wether it was a
Slow release pain medication not interfering with triptans...
Is there such medication that is not oxycontin, vico- or hydro- something that is a slow/extended release, can be taken with both Percocet and any triptan and has strength at least of 10- T3 (or 500mg/acetaminophen with 30mg/codeine) for a day? I
Hmong Minnesota New Year 2014-15
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