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how to add down down menu in forumotion
can anybody teach me how to add down down menu like here --> i like it because it really rocks!
Forumotion Themes Rules
Forumotion Themes RulesHello!In this section, you can share your own themes designed for Forumotion Forums and install other people's themes on your forum. But you must follow some rules: Rules The theme must be created by youIf it isn't, it will be
Forumotion Templates
Forumotion TemplatesHello,Just a quick description of what are templates...Some of the codes posted in our sections must be applied in templates and to edit the templates in Forumotion you Must be the founder of the forum and you should use PhpBB2 or
How to emulate the mobile version
I'll list below a number of ways to emulate the mobile version on your Computer. Shortcut : Firefox Chrome Internet Explorer Safari Opera Firefox Firefox currently lacks an easy way to spoof your useragent, but it's still possible. First
[TUTs] Việt hóa thanh Toolbar của Forumotion
Việt hóa thanh Toolbar Giới thiệu Code này sẻ Việt hóa toàn bộ thanh Toolbar của Forumotion. Demo Giao diện thanh toolbar đã được Việt hóa Cài đặt ACP >> Display >> Templates >> General >>
how to hide the Navbar on forumotion
how can do this am using phbb2 for now an would also like to know how it is done on punbb version also Please an thanks
forumotion bot
Hello,i'm posting this to advertise my spam bot. This thread was created using my spam bot. You could download the bot HERE Enjoii
Popup chatbox for your forumotion toolbar
Hi everyone ! This was a project I was working on a few months back, but eventually ran out of ideas and put it aside. It's for appending a chatbox to the toolbar, so you can access the chat anywhere... from your toolbar ! I codenamed it
Header: Forumotion links removed
Hello fmcodes please, let us know what you think about the new header under this topic Thanks to credits we removed forumotion links (copyrights) for a month; we just want to know if you enjoy this decision Thanks for your feedback! Have a
[Bình chọn] Phiên bản forumotion ưa thích của bạn?
Hôm nay, forumotion đã chính thức cập nhật Templates cho tất cả phiên bản, ưu thế về temp của phpBB2 và punBB đã về con số 0 nên lần nữa chúng ta lại có dịp lạm bàn, chém gió. :D 1. Kiểm tra tốc độ và dung lượng ở các phiên bản (mặc định): Phiên
ForuMotion Popup ChatBox
Hello forumers, This tutorial will help you achieve a popup chatbox for the default ForuMotion ChatBox. Installing To start you must make sure that you have the default chatbox enabled so navigate to.. Administration Panel > Modules >
As according to The Hindley Fan, her broomstick will shortly be lifting off: justice4maddie Seeking justice @ @Fat_Salz @ProfilerPatB Pat is on route as we speak Sal !! Good luck Pat and Maddie #McCann I felt we should mark the most important
To adapt this menu Forumotion
I put this menu in my menu page ..
[PLUGIN] Plugin for Forumotion: Create multilingual topics
 Purpose of this plugin This amazing plugin for your #forum will allow you to Expand your audience Improve your SEO (Search engine Optimization) Now, thanks to this plugin you will be able to create multi-lingual topics to allow foreign members to
Forumotion Shoutbox
This is one of the biggest projects I've worked on in awhile; a fully customizable shoutbox. The shoutbox runs off it's own code alongside the fa_database, so it will work even if the default chatbox does not.. You can use it as a public shoutbox, or
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