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What is the selenium function to know the tab selected?
Hi, I am new to know Selenium. I wanted to know the selenium function/command to be used to know the tab selected. Can any one please help me to resolve the issue? More details on the problem/issue : I have a webpage where 3 tabs are listed
how to select an option from select box of a form
Hi, I want to test student registration form. I have a form with some select boxes & uploading photo file type elements. I want to submit this form by selenium and check whether it is inserted in db or not aswell as whether photo is uploaded to
Select drop down value in Selenium RC
Hi, Can anyone pls. let me know how to get the value from the select drop down in Selenium RC using IE. Select drop down has the "name" attribute. Eg. [size=9]selenium[/size].select([size=9]"name=paysFG"[/size], [size=9]"label=FRAN"[/size]); The
How to check which jQuery tab is selected using Selenium RC java
Hi All, I have 5 tabs (jQuery tab) in my web page. Is it possible to check, which tab is selected out of those 5 tabs.. I am not able to find a relevant selenium command to do that... Please help me!!! ~ Harri...
Automate throgh selenium: AJAX page refresh when selected an option in combo box.
Hi folks, Am trying to automate my application using selenium IDE. Am struck a t a place, where i have to automate a combo box. Upon selection of an item from the combo box, it displays some additional text boxes specified for that selected item. I am
Selenium WebDriver + GWT Application
Hi, I am writting automatic test for GWT application. And I try to double click on table element. I am using this code fo click: Code: WebElement event =
How to select an item from the Drop Down combo thru' selenium web driver
Hi Friends, I'm using Selenium WebDriver 2.0 and I need a script for selecting an item from the drop down combo box. I got the (x)path information when I recorded my webpage using Selenium IDE and my code is the following:
How to chose dropdown values in Selenium IDE?
Hi, I have to slect values in dropdown using datadriven. for e.g $var1="Abc" Select name=$var1 I have used this code and while running encounetring error label with $var1 is not found. Can anyone help.
How to select click on text inside div by text
Hi, This is the problem faced by one of the selenium user that how to click on the div on basis of text instead of id. For example: <div id="MainTreeMenuTreeWebPanelMainTree_1_2"> <span style="padding-left:
How to get selected an item from table by using select command of IDE
Hi all, I have to select an item from table by using select(selectLocator, optionLocator).......... of Selenium IDE. I have no id for selectLocator, so I can not specify selectLocator, please help me. I am stuck on this issue since a few days.
ajax dropdown selection and changing the text of label in IE7
I am using selenium rc with ie7. my application is having ajax drop down list when an item in a dropdown is selected, the text of a label on the page changes to the same text of selection in the dropdown. But when the item is selected, the text of a
ElementNotVisibleException although element can be selected by the user
The following test fails with org.openqa.selenium.ElementNotVisibleException because one of the parent css elements contains a "hidden: none;". However, the element for the user is visable and can be selected. Hence, I would like to test it. Is there any
Selecting Radio button in radio group
Is there any method by which i can pass the label as input maybe in the xpath and select a radio button of a radio group. I can do this using findelements and then accessing individual elements, but i wanted to reduce the internal logic and select base
how to select dropdown value
Hi All, how to select a value in drop down below are the id and value of drop down @id=drpyear @value=2002-03 please let me know the correct syntax
[SOLVED] Error occures If Hide Wlan Setup is selected
Hi winter, when i select the Hide Wlan Setup (or better said if it is selected via my preset) and i want to start the removal process i get an error (will post it later) i need to click on "continue" and deselect the Hide Wlan Setup optio
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