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click button of a pop up in webdriver
Cannot click on button
Hello, I have a button defined with Code:<td align="center" valign="center" nowrap="true" onfocus="isc_IButton_3_label.$47()" tabindex="-1"
Query - web driver element click is not working
Here is my code snnipet - WebDriver driver = new InternetExplorerDriver(); driver.get("https://localhost:8080/fileServer/Tomcat/configuration.jsp"); ... ... ... System.out.println("Title " +
Need to do a simple Left Click in a text box
Hey guys, I have a situation where I have some simple text boxes where I am entering text. However the boxes are "required" fields, and for them to pass validation the page needs an actual mouse click in the box. I've noticed that selinium
Select the “back” button of the Firefox browser to right click and Select the Option from the right click Menu in Selenium Web Driver - Java
Hello All,  I am using Selenium Webdriver . I want to select the "back " button of the firefox browser and right click the back button and select an option. I see there is "Actions" API to right click, But i am not able to select/find the "back"
How to verify the url displayed after click the links is correct (Selenium RC and Webdriver)?
hi , How to verify the url displayed after click the links is correct ? Think there are 10 links , I will click one link and get back to same page, again i will click on next link. here at every time how to verify that url displayed is correct after
double click in web driver
hi can anyone suggest how to use double click in selenium 2 web driver. I tried using Mouse.doubleClick(WebElement onElement) but giving error in eclipse saying the method double click is not applicable for web element. Do i need to import any thing to
Error: 'An error occurred executing the click atom' when i try to click an option
Hi All, I am trying to automate a web page that works only on IE, but one small little issue is blocking my work. The issue is that when I try to select an option element from a drop down list, it keeps throwing the following error:
IDE not recording click on table row (with jquery click handler attached)
I am using Selenium IDE to record some tests of my web app. In the app, there is a table of items for the user to choose 1. Each table row has a jquery click handler attached (which opens the page associated with that row). When I record a test, and
Not able to click on "OK" in Alert box
Hi All, I am new to selenium and now am trying Selenium IDE and stuck at " HOW TO CLICK ON "OK" IN ALERT BOX", 1. This step not recorded using selenium IDE. 2. I have tried using assertAlert, verifyAlert, ...etc but no luck. 3. In my
How to click on specific coordinates in Java?
How to click on specific coordinates in Java? My Problem is, I have to click on a Cancel button on a IE popup. This popup is not coming in Firefox. Also it doesn't allow to right click on popup window so that I can check any object id from view source.
Double Click on image using Selenium
I have test case where I have to double click on the image to check the test case. Xpath from Xpath Checker
Selenium Tests with Opera not clicking buttons
Hi all, I recently started with Selenium and so far so good. I only have one issue which I'm not too sure what to do with. With Opera 10, the click commands that would submit forms and so forth do not work, I'm using something like
How to click CANCEL in confirmation box
Hi all, Can anyone suggest how to handle the confirmation box for clicking the CANCEL button in selenium WEBDRIVER... Thanks in advance, Suman.p
How to click random checkbox
Hi all, Currently I am learing about selenium IDE. I have problem with a testcase please help me! In my screen has list of checkboxes. User can select more than one checkbox. I record all steps of this testcase but when playback it I want to select
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