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Private message bg color
Is iy possible to add private message background/ gradient for staffs llike post message? It is very easy to add gradients for staffs but I want to add gradients for staff in their private message to so how to do it? @Ange Tuteur
Pre-migraine warning signs
It's taken me years to notice, but I get certain signs of a migraine starting. I don't get auras, but I do get the following: - itchy inside ear on the migraine side (every time) - eye twitches on the migraine side (every time) - dry eye on the
Few Codes required
I need few codes to solve all these problems Problem 1 I want to center the banner and remove the text. I tried to Header in ACP and still it didnt
SCEditor Color Picker [Color Cubes]
Hello, This color picker was developed for the editor I am working on, but I've reworked it for use with the SCEditor. The color picker button is added after the original color button. Hovering over the colors will show their hex values in the
How to take the screen shot? when i set a kwargs, it is showing error... when i not set kwargs it is coming black color as background
When i not set kwargs, png coming as a black color background so black color text are not visible in screen shot.. |captureEntirePageScreenshot | C:\Users\chandrasekaran\Desktop\snapsie-0.2\test.jpg| | When i use this command it is not working..
Selenium Help color text
1.How to scroll page using selenium with TCL I am already workwith KeyPress,typeKeys using char key code //35 & // 34 its not working.Please advice me how to go about that Se keyPress "piddlsiteuser_country" "\35" Se
Can't get the message from popup
Hi all, I'm writing automated test script for web application using Selenium but I took problem when can't get the message popup from webpage. Please see image below for information I can not
Im back ! A message and an announcement from Jnes5 !
Hello everyone ! a few weeks back I've said that I was going to take a break due to some things such as me having some trouble with my new glasses and such, but now I'm here to tell you all that I'm fine, not great but well enough to keep going ! I got
How to change background color for this they are when you register on the forum and save but the background color goes white when you put the mouse on it so how to change color of that. This is how it looks: And this is how it looks when you put
3 color on the border
Hi guys, Is it possible to have 3 color on the border like black, blue and red if so please give me a example.
Warning bar
*All fields must be filled out in order to process the request Image type/Είδος Εικόνας: warning bar Size(pxl)/Μέγεθος: Colors/Χρώματα: Link of your page/Σύνδεσμος της σελίδας σας: Text or Image to include/Κείμενο ή Εικόν
New Petadolex warning?
This was mentioned in another thread, but was sort of off topic to that thread. Has anyone else come across this recent Petadolex 'warning'? : ....Because butterbur is highly toxic to the liver and can cause
Can I check the error message displayed or not in Selenium?
Hi All, Thanks for the help in advance.... I am new to python... Please clarify the below 2 things which is really helpful for me.. 1. When i enter a wrong username and password, it is showing invalid username... My expectation is that to check
How to handle the confirmation message window in selenium.
Hi, One of the user facing some problem to handle confirmation dialog box in selenium. Actually what he/she did was, send the mail from gmail by giving the address and without the text. Here once click on Send button it will throw the confirmation
How to capture dialog box & pop up alert message using Selenium IDE
Hi all, Currently i'm using selenium IDE in my projects. but I can't capture the dialog box objects & pop up alert messages using the IDE. Can anyone help out to me in this. Thank you Dhinesh D
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