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status migrainosus or vestibular migraine?
Hi, I'm new to the forum, and while I have had migraines on and off due to neck pain previously, I am just starting my second bout of what the neurologist is calling status migrainosus. I struggle to grasp how it can be that, because although I had a
Vitamin D Supplement = more headaches??
Hi, I have recently tried a new supplement, vitamin D 1000IU. I noticed many people here mentioned it helping their headaches, and also my doctor recommended I try it for my psoriasis. However, since I have been taking it, I have had a migraine and
I was experiencing bad vertigo with my migraine so was prescribed the above as a preventative (10mg to start at bedtime). I've been on it for exactly one month today. At first I was seeing no relief from the 10mg (on it for a week at this point) so
Migraine or not???
Hi there, can anyone help. I have a throbbing pain on right side of head, at temple and behind eye. I feel sick and have been sick. Movement and noise make it much worse. And I feel dizzy when up and about. I have had this for 2 days already and now
Vitamin K2...
Hello: Is anyone taking Vitamin K2? I heard about it recenlty (TV) and have just googled it. Sounds interesting. Let me know. Thanks: G.
5-htp supplement
I was reading in a magazine the other day that 5-htp can help with migraines especially this time of the year as the days are getting shorter and we aren't getting as much sunlight. Apparently it helps with the seratonin levels that decrease during this
Low carb diet and migraine
Hi all. I have 40 year history of migraines with all the supplements and headache clinics and neurologists etc. my control is getting better and better as I refine my supplements and food triggers. I think I had good control over migraines once
Migrelief Supplement
I was reading about the supplement MigreLief. I looked it up on Amazon and it had some good reviews. Has anyone here tried this? If so, did it help?
Leaky Gut Syndrome
I'm fairly new to this forum, but not new to migraines.  History on me is I have had M's since I was a teenager.  I am now 47.  My M's were almost all food related (cheddar cheese and wine being my worst triggers) and as long as I stayed away from my
anyone using butterbur like me beware not licenced in UK from Di
Experts warn herbal remedy butterbur can cause liver damage and even organ failure By LAUREN PAXMAN Last updated at 4:29 PM on 1st February 2012 Comments (2) Share "Dangerous remedy: No products containing butterbur (pictured) have been
CAlcium/magnesium and zinc question
So I have had migraine/ aura on and off for about 20 years. I started calcium/mag/zinc at the request of my doctor, not for migraines but for bone health. I did not have one migraine for the year I took it. I just never bought anymore and soon after the
Migraine Support Formula
Has anyone tried this supplement consisting of a list of vitamins & supplement to help relieve migraine such as several b's, magnesium, coq10, niacin, etc. Has this suppliment been tried and true? Flo Please email
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