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What ethnical group do you belong to?
I am sure that this survey has been made in the past on this board, but since there are many new friends who recently joined, I find it interesting to ask the question again. My curiousity is purely scientific as I have the feeling that migraine is mainly
Selecting Radio button in radio group
Is there any method by which i can pass the label as input maybe in the xpath and select a radio button of a radio group. I can do this using findelements and then accessing individual elements, but i wanted to reduce the internal logic and select base
Announcing a new facebook group for our board with the same name
Grasshopper Today at 1:18 am melodiccolor wrote: Someone suggested starting an HSP Dimension group on facebook and linking it back here. I think that is a great idea but I don't have the time to moniter it. If anyone would be willing to set one up,
Group on Facebook
I wanted to let people know that there is a good group for information and support on Facebook for chornic daily headache and migraine. It´s called Chronic Daily Headache Support Group. I thought people here may want to join, and could benefit from it
I have a significant PFO in my heart. I've gone to several good cardiologists, who both would like to see it closed as my stroke risk is really high at the moment, for various reasons. Insurance won't close it until I actually HAVE a stroke. Nice, eh?
Growing scandal over paedophile group and government
It looks like a very nasty can of worms has been opened:
Add a caption to group members
This is a neat little trick with CSS that I've forgot about ages ago. I was originally gonna post it on the support back in 2013 but I don't know what happened. Anywho, it's basically a tooltip made purely with CSS, which can be applied to group
Group Buy untuk import ikan?
Apa ada yang minat untuk Group Buy untuk import ikan? Dan bantu jadi koordinatornya? Karena untuk import ada jumlah minimalnya & jumlah minimal tsb terlalu banyak untuk kebutuhan hobbyist, apalagi proses import, karantina dll juga asing untuk kebanyaka
RMD Group Halloween Photo Contest
Enter ContestView EntriesInvite Friends Grand Prize Each week in October we will be giving away 2 VIP Passes to all RMD Group Saturday Night Halloween parties including: FLUXX – Prelude Side Bar – Asylum F6ix – Thriller For more info on
RLSH Fitocracy Group
I've started a RLSH Fitocracy group. If anyone wants to track their fitness with a group, come join us there:
CPEO (Chronic Progressive External Opthalmoplegia)
I have recently been diagnosed as having CPEO - chronic progressive external opthalmoplegia. This is a mitrochondrial disease that manifests itself with droopy eyelids, double vision, limited eye movement, and (sometimes) general muscle weakness in other
Lyrica. Something to think about
My now former neuro started me on Lyrica about a year ago and besides making me gain 40 lbs, it drastically reduced my ability to handle any kind of heat and humidity causing me to get edema really easily. The edema is what triggered the neuropathy in my
hypnic headaches - new to group
hi there, gang - my name is evi and i'm a headache sufferer. i have had migraines for many years. when i was younger they were much worse, but now they're thankfully occasional. but now i'm having a new kind of headache, and it's about A MILLION times
HSP Meetup Group for the San Francisco Bay Area
Hey folks, I'm guessing there might be a few people on this forum who live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm organizing an HSP meetup group for the area (and anywhere within driving range of it). Currently, me and at least three other people are
At least 6 Hmong received recognition from Laos according to group soc.culture.hmong
At least six Hmong received medal recognition from the Lao People Democrat Republic (LPDR) recently in Laos. To earn the medal recognition is unclear to many Scholars and it created controversial debates over it on the group soc.culture.hmong. On the
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