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Page load issue
Hi, I am trying to access the table element on the page. but the table is very big. It takes time to load the page. When it tries to access the table element after 2nd 3rd row its gives error that table element not found. I have added
Page load Alert Handling in selenium Java
Hi All, In my application I have alert on pageload. It comes after successful login .. It shows message welcome to application. It is on page load. I try get alert () assertalertpresent() and verifyalertpresent() but all are failed. Pls help me how i
web page doesn't load properly
hello friends,           I try to open URL in selenium web driver,but it doesn't load properly(both mozilla/chrome).whereas when I try to open  manually it loads properly. Below is my code  WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver();  
opera browser not loading the page using selenium Rc(Java)
Hello everyone, I have a suite of Selenium tests (created using Java in Selenium RC 1.0.3) that work perfectly with IE, Firefox and Google Chrome. But when I try to use Opera (I tried both versions 9 and 10) the first "open" command
[SOLVED] WinReducer 7.0 - v2.99.5.3 - Database Information link 404 Page not found
when i click on the link @ winreducer 7 i get to the page it says "404 - page not found"
Problem: Selenium "open" command in a page with Google CDN load (jquery)
Good morning, I don´t know how to load a page that uses this library, Google CDN. When I start my Junit test the command "open("page")" don´t work, it wait to load and then gives a failure. Is there any way to reproduce this type of load? This
open every link in a new tab?
is it possible to make every link in my forum open in a new tab?
How to record when a link is opening in a new window or pop-up window
Hi, How to test using selenium IDE when a link is opening in a new window or a pop-up window is opening. As per my experience Selenium does not record these two cases. Thanks if any one can help Thanks and Regards, Abhishek
Browser Benchmarks 22.11.2014
Hey guys, I wanted to present you the best web browsers! I have done 3 different benchmarks to stay neutral and have unbiased test scores. All browsers were running with only 1 tab ( benchmark running ) , no extensions/addons, no programs running, on an
how to capture time/number of results in google results page
I got a small trouble while using selenium in IDE 1.0.5 .I need to capture a value and retrieve back for example in google page , after results are displayed i need to capture value of time it took.Iam enclosing the code used by me to do it.when i run thi
how to get the href or url of the web page with selenium ide
Hi friends, My question is: 1. I opened (my url is 2. just I typed "selenium ide" and enter 3. Now am seeing url as
WebArtz Newsletter Vol. 18
Remove line under link
Remove Line Under Links Removing the underline below the links This can be annoying to many people, so here is a fast tutorial to learn how to remove the line under the links. I'll show you how to do it by HTML and CSS - that's the easiest way to do
Verifying tab switching with Selenium FF plugin
Hi All, I am new to this Selenium IDE. I have selenium ide for Firefox and trying to test the tab switching of a web app. Below is the my test requirement 1) Login to app 2) Page loads first default page (tab). Need to wait for page load. 3) Click
My Pokémon Black game won't load on my 3DS!?
I keep getting an unable to read gamecard message,does anyone know why my system won't read the game
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