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[SOLVED] Problem with Windows Event and Task Schedule scripts
Event Viewer -> Administrative up event Microsoft Windows Sensor / debug Microsoft Windows Sensor / Performance Task Scheduler Routine Maintenance Task Idle Sync Maintenance Task Are apparently not available after installation and
Number of Handles in Windows Task Manager
Good Evening… Greetings to all Members from new member RonLynch. I wonder if someone can help me? May I please raise a question concerning Windows Task Manager, in particular the Performance tab and the numbers of handles displayed. Over the
[SOLVED] ISO is not created. Windows setup folder is corrupted with 99% files missing!!
Hey Guys! This is WEIRD! I did all the things i wanted to do on WinReducer8.1, applied, and then ISO windows came asking to create iso or wim file, i selected iso & saved the iso in (MyPath)\WinReducer81\WORK\ISO. then a dialog came showing that
[SOLVED] Windows search not working anymore
Hi, I created a custom iso file using last WinReducer release (1.04). I tried to keep Windows search Working, with no luck : I can use it to find most parameters, but it doesn't work for applications. For example, if I want to start
[SOLVED] integrating updates -> install.wim missing
hey winter, i downloaded via winreducer the following updates: Windows10.0-KB3081436-x64.msu and all x64. for net framework one question why is the net framwor
[SOLVED] Windowsupdate not working ! (Build 9926)
Hi Winter, even I had activated "protect windowsupdate" there is a bug with is function. It is nevertheless not working and I didn't remove it from the "services". Regards
[SOLVED] [EX-100 - v0.9.80.0] [RS1 Build 14393.0] Leftovers in registry and task scheduler
After I removed all Modern UI Apps exept "Desktop App Installer", "Framework (Visual C++ Runtime)", "Immersive Control Panel" and"PDF Support", there are some leftovers in Task Scheduler: \Microsoft\XblGameSave\XblGameSaveTask File not found:
[SOLVED] Some dlls still registered that are missing from Windows\System32
Winter, not sure if this is a bug, but on my slimmed system I ran a check to see which dlls were registered, and discovered that a handful were registered but missing... Here is a .reg file to remove these entries... Code:Windows Registry Editor
[SOLVED] snipping tool & sticky notes shortcut missing
hey winter, i realized that after using winreducer (i dont exactly know what component is causing it), the shortcuts at Start are missing. The *.exe files are still all present at system32, and when i start them everything works. EDIT: both
Windows 7 Disk Manager with partitions on 500GB Hard Drive
Hi I dont understand a whole lot about using Disk Manager on Windows 7, plus I dont want to lose any data or cause any kind of file corruption. I was wondering a safe way to merge partitions. But here is the thing with my partitions as it is, I have in
Running Selenium on a Locked Machine as a Scheduled Task
Hello. I need Selenium to run as a scheduled task without the user being logged in. The problem is Selenium needs to run on windows unlocked to run properly. Is there a work around for this? Idea: Use VMWare to create a virtual machine. Have
[SOLVED] Sysprep Crash: missing elscore.dll
The file elscore.dll is needed to run Sysprep. Please add it to Sysprep Protection.
black ops 2- program can't start becaluse buddha.dll is missing on your computer
Hi,I have a problem my black ops 2 game was working fine but this time when I tried to start it I got this message. please say you can help! thanks dobynsd
[SOLVED] Windows 10 TP 10041 installation Error *loop*
when i click express setting or customize.It check internet connection and it restart frequently. What i missed...
[SOLVED] Slimmingdown Windows 8.1 Pro (x64) with WREX-81.v1.2.3.0 : offlineServicing Bug
Hi, Previously, i've some Trouble to "Slimmingdown Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (x64) using WinReducer EX70 - v1.1.8.0 ?" i'd also had some Trouble to Slimmingdown Windows 8.1 Pro (x64) using WinReducer EX81 - v1.2.3.0 ? * Installation Result
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