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how to open a browser in selenium web driver
hi, how to open a browser in selenium web driver
AVID Pro Tools 11.3.2 Stability issues when using plugins
I am an audio engineer by trade and own a busy recording studio....Ive been having many random issues causing computer problems and it seems like ince I fix one thing something different starts to not work properly. Ive recently upgraded from PT 10 to
Windows10 - 22 Tools
Windows 10 Login Background Changer Get WSUS Content.NET WFN (Windows Firewall Notifier) - Interesting Startmenu Personalization Panel for Windows 10 O&O ShutUp10 - More control over your operating system Getting brighter colors in Windows
User-Extension Issue
Hi All, Now I am trying User-Extensions in Selenium IDE and currently am facing one problem, Requirement: 1. Open Times of India Page 2. storeText (i.e like 1+2= ) [This value get changes
selenium Rc code in python to capture alert message!!!!
Hi Please any give solution to capture alert message in python self.assertEqual("saved successfully", sel.get_alert()) I have an error like this "No alert Found"[b] Thanks Manju
selenium with database testing
Hi, Can any one tell me how to test database with selenium as i am testing java application, pls give me some links or some examples as i am new to this testing,waiting for your quick reply.
What are the basic requirements for using Selenium IDE?
Please help me out I am using Selenium IDE for the first time. Also suggest best way to start.
Webdriver code for dropdown selection is not working
Hi, I am using the below code in Selenium Webdriver-JUNIT for selecting the list of values from dropdown import java.util.List; import org.openqa.selenium.WebElement; public static void selectValue(String valToBeSelected){
which defect tracking tool using in selenium?
Hi All am using JUnit framework and generating results with ANT in java language.
[Hỏi đáp] xin code auto login cho chatbox ver phpbb3
Chatbox cập nhập nên không biết code nào để auto login chatbox :( nên ai biết share cho e với
Silenium IDE code for selecting and ajax autopopulate dropdown item
Hi Friends, I am working on an application which does not run in Firefox. I am writing an automation script, for this application, in XHTML which runs in IE using Selenium RC. I have written code to open the dropdown list. This dropdown i
[Hỏi đáp] Code hiệu ứng nick
Em thấy ở có hiệu ứng nick rất đẹp. Em nhớ code share rồi mà ko biết ở đâu! :v Em muốn làm hiệu ứng đó cho một cá nhân cụ thể + cho mem trong 1 team luôn! Chỉ em 2 cái luôn nha! Mong anh chị giúp em ạ! ^^
Surgical Treatment of Chronic Headaches
What is Ad hoc Testing??
Hi Friends, While browsing about Software Testing I came across the term “Ad hoc Testing” and I wanna know the actual meaning of it and its advantages and disadvantages. Apart from Ad hoc testing how many types of testing are there and what is the
Css selector equivalent for xpath
getAttribute("xpath@href"); ----> this gives the user with the href attribute value from the given xpath. getAttribute("CSS-selector@href"); ----> is there any equivalent for the above in Css selector Thanks in advance.
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