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How to change user-agent on safari 5/4/3 using selenium RC and eclipse
Hi All, greetings, I'm new to selenium, Please let me know if there is any way to change user agent on safari browser through selenium. I'm using safari 5, Eclipse with selenium rc3 and Java as programming language. Thanks
Unable to run Test Suite in Safari using Selenium RC
Hi There; I ran with following comman for safari (5.0 (7533.16)); Code: java -jar selenium-server.jar -multiwindow -htmlSuite "*safari" "" "C:\selenium\testsuit2.html"
Can any one one help me to select drop down value using selenium webdriver
Hi, I'm new to selenium. Can any one help me to select value from drop down boxes for below code. Below one is the HTML Source code: Active Time Spent Inactive Time Spent My Time Spent (Current Week) My Time Spent (Last Week) Team Time Spent
Selenium IDE - contextMenu and doubleClick not working in smart gwt application
Hi All, We have a smart gwt application. You have a tree on the left hand pane and user can double click nodes in the tree which opens a tab on the right hand pane. We can either double click on the node or right click on it which opens a contextMen"id=xxx"); not working
I am new to Selenium. Recorded the my app flow using Selenium IDE and converted the script to JUnit 4 RC. Ran the java file in Eclipse IDE. Able to launch my web page and pass the credentials. But when it comes to clicking any buttons (Add exception
Xpath for buttons not working in IE but working perfectly in firefox
I am clicking a button using selenium in firefox and it is working prefectly fine but in Internet Explorer it is not working properly. xpath for button is //div[2]/span/button[1] complete xpath is /html/body/div[3]/div/div[2]/span/button css is
Click on a button not working properly with Selenium Server.
Hi All, I have recorded a script with Selenium IDE and now when i imported it as Java TestNG framework to Selenium Web Driver my click button function doesent work properlt. I am running script in IE Script is as follows :
Drag and drop of html 4 elements not working using selenium webdriver?
I need to automate a drag and drop feature in selenium webdriver. The elements are developed in HTML 4 and I am using Chrome driver. The actions.dragAndDrop(source, target) functionality is not working. Can anyone suggest any workaround for this?
FF has stopped working
Hello, When we run regression on FF, the FF stopped working randomly. Here is the message on Firefox pop-up window - Firefox has stopped working A Problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you
Webdriver code for dropdown selection is not working
Hi, I am using the below code in Selenium Webdriver-JUNIT for selecting the list of values from dropdown import java.util.List; import org.openqa.selenium.WebElement; public static void selectValue(String valToBeSelected){
How handle pop up window
Hi, I am working on one healthcare product. In this product on home page "Patient" button is there. When any user clicks on Patient button application opens pop up window/screen having list of some more patients.we can search patient by lastname in same
select window is only useful for popup or another tab (browser) also?
I am having Page 1. It has link Say link 1. I need to click link 1 which will open new Page say Page 2. On the new page again i need to click some link.. How to achieve this? Is selectWindow only for popup or this kind of scenario
Avoiding NullPointerException by findElement
Hallo everyone, Code: ... putFileToDirectoryInOrderToBePersisted(); WebElement td = tr.findElement(By.xpath("td[3]")); ... After the method putFileToDirectory() is done, it Needs some seconds to get th
FindElement Exception Behavior
Hi, is there a possibility to change the Exception behavior on FindElement method in next Version? The behavior like WaTiN got it would be most Userfriendly, if element is not found, store Exception, and set Exists Attribute to false. If the element
Window Handler mesage or Dialog box is not handling in Selenium Webdriver usign Safari or IE
Hi Guys, I created a new script for Safari and IE broswer. In middle of the script, i need to do operation called refresh. When we refreshing the page , it throwing the windows or broswer handler dialog box " Your Browser session will be
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