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Dell inspiron 1545 /black screen
I own a dell inspiron laptop and I was wonderig if someone can resolve some problems I am having. When I turn on the laptop I get it to boot up but for only seconds then I get a black screen and if I quickly close and open the cover it comes back on then
Dell System Recovery Partition Hotkey & Instructions (Dell PC Restore)
Dell System Recovery Partition Hotkey & Instructions (Dell PC Restore)To access the recovery partition on your Dell computer for recovery, follow the steps listed below. 1. Power on the computer 2. At the Dell logo, hold the Ctrl key and press the F11
Black Sceen Dell Inspiron
Hello Forum members. I have a relatively (2yrs) new Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop Windows 7 Premium. It has been used very little in 2 yrs as I have 2 other PC's. Problem: Yesterday, I was using it and it was working well. Today I started the PC, on boot i
Dell Laptop battery problem
Hi All this is my first topic on the forum Ive been given a Dell Inspiron 1000 by a neighbour to have a look at because of a few problems. I've cleared up most of what needed to be done. The only problem im still having is with the battery. On boot,
Getting This copy of Windows is not genuine, I have a Dell install disk
Hello ! How are you ? Great I hope How do I fix the "This copy  of Windows is not genuine" condition with out wiping the PC. Do not have original license but I do have a Dell WIN 7 install disk. My machine is 32 bit Thanks & Have a great day !
Cleaning Alpacasso
(Sorry if this has been brought up anywhere) But does anyone have tips for cleaning Alpacasso? I have the white backpack Alpacasso and I used to wear it every day when I went out, it's starting to look very dull and muddy colored and now so I'm less
Advice for when you get stabbed
Here you go... comments welcome, but obviously not mandatory. "HOLY $#!%! I GOT STABBED. WHAT SHOULD I DO?" (see below for my ten basic recommendations) 1. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Ideally you will either
Facial Numbness
Hi my name is Bonnie-Jean. I have suffered with migraines on a daily basis for about 15 years. My sister, Amanda, also suffers with an occasional migraine (maybe every 6 months). Recently she has begun experiencing Facial Numbness. It started
Review: Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (Wii Retail)
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles is the second game in the RE: Chronicles series. It was published and developed by Capcom. It was released on November 17th 2009. Like the first game, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles retells the events
I just started 10mg of Propranolol last week. I'm experiencing dizziness as I expected. However, I have noticed some strange ice-pick type pains on one side of my head, as well as strange sensory issues like burning face. I don't think the ice-pick pai
Slipstreaming Win10 .iso
Hi Guys, I read on another forum that I could possibly slipstream the Tech Preview (I have latest 9926 build) to include different drivers. My problem is with a DELL Inspiron M5030 which 'kills' the display half way through the installation of the
Long Term Battery Life is decreasing
I have a user who is getting a pop-up every time he logs into his computer from Dell ControlPoint System Manager. The computer is a Dell E6400 laptop; it charges on a port replicator (docking station). I have replaced the docking station, and am still
Change The Control Panel to Classic View in Windows 7
This tutorial will show you how to change the default Control Panel view to the All Item Classic View in Windows 7. Click Start >> Click Control Panel. To open the Control Panel Classic View, select the View by option at the top right of
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