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Optimizations - Windows WinSXS Files Cleanup (EXTREME)
Hello all, We could discuss here about folders and files which could be removed from the WinSXS and NET Framework folders to reduce even more Windows 8.1 ... EXPERIMENTAL BUILD (Skydrive link) : This my list of folders and
[ANSWERED] "Windows Defender" at two places ?!
I notice that there are two places in the filesystem for the "Windows Defender". It is placed under "All Users"... " /> ...and it is placed under "ProgramData" " /> Does anyone know if this is
Reset Windows Explorer Folder View Settings in Windows 7
This tutorial will show you how to reset the Windows Explorer folder view settings to increase the folder view cache and have Windows 7 remember the view settings, size, or position of windows the previous time you closed them. Open Folder Options
Slimmingdown windows 7
Hi all,,this my slimmingdown windows 7 you need : 1.RT7Lite 2.Gimagex 3.Vlite 4.Unlocker first make two folder on drive C:\ ---> (W7 and TEMP) extract Windows 7 ISO into W7 Folder Run RT7Lite, changge temporary directory to C:\TEMP, se
[IMPLEMENTED] Removal of Windows Defender
Hi, Can you implement complete removal of Windows Defender from Windows 7 (both from Program Files and Program Files (x86) ) ? Kind regards
Windows 10 TP Build 10049
Spartan has arrived To upgrade to the new build, follow the steps below in your current install of Windows 10 to grab the bits. Click on the search box in the taskbar and type Windows Update' Chose 'Windows Update from the list' In the left
Trojan:Win32/Sirefef.AB found by Windows Defender.
Hello everyone at GeekPolice, first let me introduce myself. I am BuffyAnimated this is a pretty cool site and I am very excited by finding it and learning more from others. The GeekPolice Academy sounds pretty awesome. I would like to learn more about it
Remove Windows LTSB N Junk.
Add Removal of Junk/Spy Crap Still on LTSB N I know WinReducer has "remove modern crap"  but these still are hiding on windows after an install   Option to totally remove: This Whore Cortana and Search2 "Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy" = th
Removing e.g. internal language files?
Hi, I'm curious. Can anyone provide an example of how an inbuild language (like Korean, Simplified-Chinese, Traditional-Chinese, etc.) can be removed from an install.wim manually? Not through WinReducer In the folder of the mounted install.wim ther
Windows Reducer 8.1 Tip: Improving the Speed while creating multiple .iso files
A useful quote from winter that should be shared for everyone   Following the tip it's not necessary to integrate the updates each time again - just once winterstorm2050 wrote:Hello and welcome user221, The Update integration speed is dependent o
Enable or Disable Displaying File Extension For Files In Windows
Enable or Disable Displaying File Extension For Files In WindowsBy default, Windows Explorer hides file extension of files. This behaviour is hazardous, and can potentially cause you to double-click on file like "virus.jpg", thinking that it is just a
Run Windows 7 Ultralite on machine with less of 256 mb of ram
Hi guys, I want to install my Windows 7 Ultralite in a old PC: Amd Duron 900 Mhz  S3 Graphics ProSavage with 8 MB of VRAM (naturally no Aero) 75 GB of Hard Disk 248 Mb of Ram  This my preset:  Is there an options
I need help removing trz###.tmp files!
I need help removing trz###.tmp files! Avast Anti Virus picked it up this morning!
[SOLVED] Windows 10 TP 10041 installation Error *loop*
when i click express setting or customize.It check internet connection and it restart frequently. What i missed...
Windows 10 Remove List
Disclaimer: This list is just a pool of information how to reduce Windows 10 Preview, it was not tested yet. It could work without problems, but it needs to be tested first, how Windows 10 Preview will function ( stability, errors, bugs ).  Voluntary
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