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"saat install the sims please insert disk 1 contains the file"

Reduce a Sysprep image of a Windows 8 install from a VHD (Virtual Hard-Drive)
How to Sysprep a VirtualBox/VMWare install of Windows 8 and Capture it with Imagex to a new install.wim file so that you can use WinReducer to slim it down. The purpose of this is that you can reuse the same image over and over again, with all the
Insert Status Disk and Click OK
I have been having the same issue that Tricia9000 is having. I have gone through everything step by step including the OTL.exe. Nothing has worked. What more can I do to remove this. I have posted both logs into the thread and clicked fix then
on Win7 startup "Insert the 'Status' disk and click OK" error
Running Win 7 64bit. On every startup I get prompted to "Insert the 'Status' disk and click OK" and then another window where windows tries to configure Status. It doesn't stop until i repeatedly click cancel on the second window over and over and
Getting This copy of Windows is not genuine, I have a Dell install disk
Hello ! How are you ? Great I hope How do I fix the "This copy  of Windows is not genuine" condition with out wiping the PC. Do not have original license but I do have a Dell WIN 7 install disk. My machine is 32 bit Thanks & Have a great day !
[ANSWERED] Setup cannot continue due to corrupted installation file....
Hello. I'm newbie here and use the Winreducer 1.37 I spent whole week to make ISO of Windows 8.1 Enterprise with latest windows update. I added windows updates only, no other changes. I used the Optimize ISO size,  Expert Optimization and all protecte
.exe file disappears on launch
Recently, I downloaded a particular .exe file. When I tried to launch it on windows xp, it does not show signs of any launching but disappears after a while. This has been so with my computer running vista. I did not run as administrator in both cases.
[ANSWERED] Error : Windows could not install the accepted licence terms onto the computer
Hello All, I start using WR 8.1 to reduce my Windows 8.1 N pro retail. The installation from WR ISO went fine while on first boot I got following error -  Windows could not install the accepted licence terms onto the
Windows could not collect information for [OSImage] since the specified image file [install.wim] does not exist
Hi, May I know how to use this converter correctly? I always get the below error (during installation of newly created ESD ISO in virtualbox) after converting Windows 7 SP1 x64 ISO(install.wim) to ESD ISO. "Windows could not collect information
Direct capture to install.wim, WITHOUT Sysprep (theKramer/inallsorts)
Hi inallsorts. I thought it a good idea to create this thread, so we can test our ideas out together and not clutter up the other thread. Plus that thread will make it difficult to track our progress. theKramer wrote:inallsorts wrote:~BSOD~
[IMPLEMENTED] BAT or PowerShell file or Silent Install After Setup is Finish
It would by awesome if we could attach our BAT or PowerShell files or Silent installation code to start them after windows 8.1 setup is finish. Dont you think?
File Not Found - mbamnet / Setup Access Denied - Malwarebytes Install Failure
I have attached the OTL.txt/Extras.txt/aswMBR.txt log information in a MS Word document. When I tried to copy / paste the contents, I was advised the message was too long.
insert text in a text box of the console
hi, i am a beginner, just started to explore the Selenium IDE. In my first trial, i tried to run against a web page that has a username/passwd text boxes that need to be filled before logging in further. Now, through the selenium IDE, how can i insert
[SOLVED] ISO size, reduce install.wim size >4GB, gpt partition
I have trouble with size of install media after I integrate all new updates into Windows 8.1 image. Size of install.wim file grow from 3.2 GB to 4.3GB Does somebody have step by step tutorial how to create USB UEFI gpt boot disk (with rufus) when is
Cycling untuk tank pemula
cycling mempunyai tujuan bersihkan air laut dari kotoran serta zat kimia beresiko serta juga untuk menumbuhkan kehidupan layaknya plankton, copepod serta bakteri yg diperlukan untuk ekosistem air laut. janganlah memasukkan mahluk hidup apapun sepanjang
How to insert confirmation box in selenium rc with c#
Hello, I want to insert Yes/No confirmation box in my selenium RC code. Actually i want to ask user if he want to continue with adding project or not. Please give me solution for it. I am using selenium RC with c#. Thanks in Advance, Pallavi
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