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How to get text from captcha image.
Some sites used captcha images to get registration process done. How can we type that text from selenium?
How to get text present in an image
Hi  I have a image which has a text "hello, welcome" Now how to get the text present using selenium webdriver
Image capture and Comparison
Hi, How to capture the screen shots in the selenium? how to do image comparison in the Selenium. Please help me Thanks in advance Regards, Sujatha B
insert text in a text box of the console
hi, i am a beginner, just started to explore the Selenium IDE. In my first trial, i tried to run against a web page that has a username/passwd text boxes that need to be filled before logging in further. Now, through the selenium IDE, how can i insert
How to verify text at specific location.
Hi, Verify test is most important aspect of any testing. But sometimes we have to want verify text at specific location not in whole page. For this use following command: storeText | Location of your text | variable name Now you have got the
Image Resizer
This image resizer is meant to be an improvement over Forumotion's default resizer, by using CSS to resize the images and JavaScript to provide additional options. It'll resize the images much faster as it utilizes CSS to set height and width restrictions
Multiple clickable portions on a Image.
Multiple clickable portions on a Image. Using HTML make Mutliple portions on a image clickable Hello Everyone This is a very simple tutorial to make multiple clickable areas on your image. Enter this code into your HTML Page. Code:<img
Javascript - Function parameters
Javascript - Function parameters Working with function parameters in javascript Hello once more, I am Mr.Joker and today I will show you how to use parameters in funciton. So what is parameter? Well, imagine that parameter is some variable with a
Custom Pagination
i find the original pagenation from here and i've modified with this one i put the HTML codes in viewtopic_body here's the HTML codes: Code:<div class="pagination-edited">{PAGINATION}</div> And here's
Javascript Array
Javascript Array Working with arrays in JavaScript Hello members of WebArtz, I am Mr.Joker and today I will try to teach you what is an Array. Well, as a name say allready an Array can store some values inside it. For example an array in real life
Unable to enter text into the Code mirro text box
Hi, Am not able to enter the text into the mirror text box. below is the code that am using:                      
assert image present by src with just image name
In one of my pages, I have many sort links. Beside each sort link, I have one image(up/down arrow) clickandWait | link=ID assertElementPresent |
How do you copy image URLs?
Yep, title says it all. I already know how to do it in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Any one knows how to do it on other browsers?
How do i find xpath for a button on web page
Hi, I am having trouble finding the xpath so i can click the NextButton button on the web page. The IDE does not click this button. If i can find the xpath i can write it in my C# code and then run it in Nunit. The code snippet is: a
How to return the focus to original frame after entering text in tinymce?
My page consists of text edit "tinymce" and a submit button. I used the following to enter text in tinymce: 1) selenium.focus("tinymce") 2) selenium.type("tinymce", "input text") 3) selenium.fireEvent("tinymce", "blur") 4)
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