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Percobaan membuat logo pribadi
Permisi bra, saya mau share kreativitas logo saya. Tapi ini masih belum final, karena saya masih mikir ini kayanya masih ada yang kurang atau ada yang nggak sesuai gimana gitu... Bagaimana bra, ini udah bagus atau belum? Saya bingung soalnya. Minta
Fire Emblem: Death or Glory
FIRE EMBLEM: DEATH OR GLORY A new hack on FE7. A young soldier named Ragnar, who is a simple knight under oath to Azalia (country), is aiming to make a difference. Silvatica, a country that recently had a changed of heart, began its invasion against
FE7if ( A Japanese Fire Emblem Rom Hack )
Hi, can anyone make a list on how to recruit the new characters seen on FE7 if? Just make it simple and list down only the new one's with better stat growth. Thanks in advance! 
U.S. Embassy London Olympic Logo Contest *uk only* Prize Details The winning designer will receive a 250 GBP gift card to Westfield Mall and one of each item made for the U.S. Embassy that has their logo design on it. Contest Instructions
Fire Emblem Fanatics
As you may know, Fire Emblem: Awakening is my first engagement with the series. With that said, Awakening is all it took to transform me into a Fire Emblem fanatic. Seriously, this game is just that damn good! I honestly believe Awakening is the very best
Need a Search Bar next to logo
Hello , I want to place a search bar next to my logo... What' the Html for it? And the css + adding background image here' the image
Fire Emblem: Awakening impressions
The eShop demo is now available. After playing the demo, I can honestly say right now is that this is the most polish 3DS title I played so far especially when viewing on my 3DS XL. Newcomers will definitely appreciate this entry thanks to the option o
Fire Emblem (GBA) Discussion
The first Gameboy Advance Fire Emblem game releases on the Wii U VC tomorrow here in Europe lol.
Ikan Sili/fire eel
contoh ikan sili yang banyak dijuwal Ikan sili api/fire eel ikan sili pola/tire track eel yang saya tahu : 1. ikan sili merupakan ikan yang berasal dari Asia tenggara, termasuk Indonesia 2. memelihara ikan sili tidak mudah, terutama karena
Personal Gaming: Fire Emblem Awakening in Lunatic
For those who can't find my latest review on Fire Emblem Awakening, click here My experience so far (I just finish Chapter 7) playing Fire Emblem Awakening in Lunatic difficulty on Causal Mode is demystify in terms of what I was expecting from this ne
Death of Fire Emblem : Twin Blades?
So, a while back, Paran came up with an idea for a sequel to FE8. When I finally hacked THAT AWESOME GAME ENGINE THINGY, progress on this game spiked. After this, Klauk created a forum, which GC was invited, and he gave much input to FE8 and helped a huge
[ANSWERED] How to change the Logo at Control Panel -> System
Need Some Help.... Awesome Software. need some help. how to edit or remove customized.... logo After installed. Added Silent installation softwares Not INstalled.... Thanks in addvance
Fire Emblem - The Four Legends
UPDATE 2014/03/23: Riku's Face finally done thanks to Lenh. And thanks to Charlotte for starting it. UPDATE 2014/03/29: Fire Emblem - The Four Legends Prologue I to IV Main Story and the IV prologues are finished, read it if you want to. UPDATE
Hello, I would like to center the logo , so I modified the css but it does not work . Code:/* Banner position :   left : float:left; center : text-align:center;  right : float:right; */ #logo {
Logo Please!
Type of creation : Logo Size of the image : Full Banner 468x60 Font color : I'll leave it up to you. Link to the font to be used : I'll leave it up to you. Text : The Admin Guild! Sub text : Background color :Blue Any special effects to be
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