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Syria refugees
Syria refugees: Bishops urge David Cameron to do more Eighty-four Church of England bishops have revealed that they wrote to David Cameron last month urging him to accept at least 50,000 refugees from Syria. Can I just ask where the hell do we
Lexapro, Xanax and Anxiety attacks
I had a very recent traumatic experience. A friend of our family attempted sexual assault which deeply impacted me. I was put on Lexapro to stabilize my moods because I am having severe anxiety from the assault and the hospital stay afterward. I am having
Wing Chun
Anybody have experience with wing chun? Like what body types it works for, how much training does it take to make the short punches effective, practical stuff.
Hundreds Of Syrian Refugees 'Return Home
Fanatic attacks in Australia, hostages taken in cafe
This is just coming in: Australian police have cordoned off one of Sydney's main business areas, with reports that hostages are being held in a cafe. Part of Martin Place, hom
Review: Titan Attacks (3DS eshop) (PAL Region)
TITAN ATTACKS! (Nintendo 3DS eShop) Published and created by Curve Digital. Original game by puppygames. PAL Version Price: 9,99€ Release date: 26 February 2015 Players: 1 Review for by SKTTR. SPACE INVADERS 2015 Tita
Met statement - now investigating five new reports of attacks on children in PDL area Madeleine Police Probe Five New Assault Cases Detectives investigate fresh reports of a lone intruder abusing young British girls in holiday apartments in the
Islamic terrorists attacks in France, Tunisia Beheading And Blast Reported At French Factory Attackers reportedly carrying Islamist flags are said to have rammed a car into the building, setting off an explosion.
character battle
i got very inspired by screwattack's deathbattle. so i thought i do my own battle only it wont result in death. it will be resultet which character is better. its one on one battle and this is a open mind topic so if you have a suggetion for a fight then
Tricking Tutorials (or: How to fight like Daredevil and Nightwing)
Compilation of Daredevil's fight scenes - "Tricking" is the incorporation of acrobatics into martial arts to increase body awareness, and coordination, and is heavily used in sports like TaeKwanDo
'Refugees' rape, terrorise Germans Offenses on New Years Eve "Totally uninhibited": Police astonished by violence in Cologne New Year's Eve, it has
Migraine Advice from someone who has suffered for years!
To make a long story short, I have had migraines for 20+ years, I am 38 yrs old, female. I am on an anti-depressant, topamax, beta-blocker (propranol), migrelief, for the migraines. I have at least 2-3 a week that last 2-3 days each. I am pretty much
The WingFlyer "Why You Want It" Giveaway *usa only* Grand Prize Two lucky Flyer Fans will win a WingFlyer model Z150. The WingFlyer Z150 features aluminum allow wheels, handlebar that adjusts to three heights, patented lower hinge to fold for
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