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Hmong History Page
Contain Hmong history in varies countries along with related articles.
Colonel Cher Pao Moua
Colonel Cher Pao Mua qhov keeb kwm ... Col. Cher Pao Mua From 1961 to 1975, Char Pao Mua was the Commander of the Bouam Long Camp (LS32). He has been fighting the Communists with great courage, and has never surrendered this camp. Col. Cher Pao Mua
Senator Mee Moua
Former Minnesota State Senator Mee Moua to Lead AAJC WASHINGTON - The Board of Directors of the Asian American Justice Center (AAJC), a member of the Asian American Center for Advancing Justice (Advancing Justice), has named Mee Moua as president
Agent Muas Xyooj
Lus pov thawj VP nyob dab teb
Nyob zoo kuv pom hauv youtube Hmoob muaj ib cov lus pov thawj hais General Vaj Pov tau mus nyob hauv dab teb lawm. Cov lus no yog muaj Hmoob mus pom los. Nej xav li cas xwb?
Cov tub ntxhais kawm tiav Dr.PhD
Hmong Doctorates Hmong Doctors’ Index: 1. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) & Doctor of Education (EdD) 2. Medical Doctor (MD) 3. Doctor of Chiropractice (DC), Osteopathy (DO) & Psychology (PsyD) 4. Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), Dental Medicine
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