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Date Picker in Webdriver?
Hi Friends, I am new to WebDriver, I have an issue ... i.e how to pick the date from the date picker..?  iF anyone faced this kind of issue , plz post
how to capture and replay date picker in j-querry
hi all, i was trying to automate adding date functionality. Since its a j-querry date picker i need to select the dates, i selected start from this month and end date in the next month (by select the month using a drop-down listing). Once after
Selenium doesnt capture colour picker
Hi, Iam new to selenium Rc python... In my application there is an option to choose fore colour and back ground colour using colourpickker, This is my code for click the colour
using type command in date picker field
selenium.type("id=dob",12121990); if(selenium.getValue("id=result").equals("12121990")) { system.out.println("Changed"); } Here when I type DOB in dob text box, the value=12121990 will be displayed in result text box box. Here id=DOB is the
how to sort date in selenium
i have 6 months experience in selenium. how to sort date using selenium RC and script Thanks SRILATHA.
To pick current date from calender control in selenium ide.
Automated test should click on calendar icon & select current date & submit my form. How can we do it?
How do I get the current day, month & year in Selenium IDE?
Is there any command to capture date and time in ide??
Capture current date
Hi Team, I wanted to know a technique to capture the current date in Selenium IDE with HTML. I have a requirement to capture the current date. Thanks & Regards, Soumya
New user extensions for date and time related functions.
hi guys, There is some more function in new user extension related to the date and time. It contain the following functions: 1. StoreCurrentDate : This function store current system date in MM/DD/YYYY format.If you want to change the
To count the number of elements in a combo box.
Hi,, Using selenium IDE, how it is possible to count the number of elements in a combo box. Any solution?
selenium RC
how to sort date using selenium rc can any one help me
How to parameterize with "today's date" with IDE
Hello, Is it possible to use JS to pull in today's date (or today +10 days)? We have been using parametrization successfully, but I'd like to have it execute code to generate those dates vs. modifying the file each time. Currently, it just pulls
How to Handle Date Popup in Selenium.
Steps To Reproduce - 1) go to 2) open selenium IDE 3) Click and select radio button One way 4) select From and To from Drop down. 5) select Date from Popup 6) click on Show Flights Button 7) Go to Selenium Window and Re- Run the all the
In selenium , using RC/web driver, How to test any Action which depends on a future date?
In selenium , using RC/web driver, How to test any Action which depends on a future date? For Eg: If i have an action "A" which is scheduled for execution 15 days from now and there a subsequent action which is dependent on the execution and day of
how to handle multiple windows(popups) in selenium rc
suppose i click on a link and it will open a new window for that one i have to get the id of that window for that one i write code like this String str[]=selenium.getAllWindowNames(); selenium.selectWindow(str[0]);
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