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selenium ide addon is not compatible with firefox 4.then how to record?
While installing selenium ide add on to Firefox 4 . i observed following error. Selenium IDE: Java formatters could not be installed because it is not compatible with fir fox 4. is there any solution to avoid this error?
Review: Coaster Crazy Deluxe (Wii U eshop)
Buggier Than A Louisiana Swamp! This game has some technical issues, but is the game itself worth a purchase or should you avoid it? Continue reading to find out! Gameplay And Controls: Coaster Crazy Deluxe is a roller coaster simulation that
Hentai Sim Brothel 1 App
I was wondering, has anyone ever thought to make an Android/Ios app for the original? I would love to have one for my phone. Portal HSB!
Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (VC) Discussion
Is everybody ready for their free copy of the most unexpected 3DS VC release of all? ... By which, of course, I mean Super Mario Bros. Deluxe!
Error:java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/google/common/base/Charsets
Hi, I am a beginner and found the following error while run my first test using Junit integrated with Jave eclipse IDE. Could anybody please help me? java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/google/common/base/Charsets at
eshop: Shovel Knight Plague of Shadows Expansion is Expected To Hit The Wii U by Early Summer!
________________________________________________________________________________ The First Wave of Shovel Knight DLC Is Set To Plague The Wii U eshop Soon! Yacht Club Games has just announced in a press release that their first wave of Shovel
Arwana Golden dan Blue base body
halo rekan2, mungkin di negri kita tercinta, arwana merah dengan klasifikasi super red menjadi sangat diburu, dan memiliki kasta teratas..tetapi kalau saya lihat-lihat di singapore kog arwana golden disertai body semu biru menjadi primadona disana, apakah
Are the bomberman titles on the ds/dsi ware compatible with each other?
My friend owns bomberman touch and I was just wondering if they can connect with multi-player... I doubt it will, but, there is already online play
Is Selenium Webdrive compatible with silver-light application?
Hi All, One of my clients wanted to automate the application which build in silver-light technology? was searching threads but could not find the right answer, so decided to write new thread to get the compatibility answer answer? Thanks Ashok N
[Javascript] Expand SCEditor (Full screen)
Tutorial: Expand SCEditor (Full screen) In this tutorial, we add a Javascript function that will make possible to expand the SCEditor (Forumotion editor) so that typing box is in full screen. --> Tutorials, tips and tricks <-- Expand
disable BFE (base filtering engine) service
hi! is it possible to a dd a tick to disable BFE (base filtering engine) service? thank you!
What was the first mario game that you played?
My first game in the series was Super Mario Bros. 2 USA I know it wasn't a "real" mario game, but it remains one of my favorites to this day!
Sentence Alteration Game
Provided Base URL is not getting opened. Script fails with warn: currentTest.recordFailure: Timed out after 30000ms
Hi, I have a simple test script written using IDE having: Base URL and one command to open a html page Through IDE, I am successfully able to open the page. But through command prompt using selenium rc server when I run the same script it fails
[SOLVED] Can't start winreducer 8.1 on reduced windows 8.1
Hi I have problem as in the title. Here is WinReducer81.log: Code:***** 2014-09-21 20:12:01 - SESSION OPENED ***** CRITICAL ERROR : Your Operating System is not compatible with WinReducer 8.1 ==> you need Windows 8.1 (x32 or
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