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Help with converting scripts from UFT(QTP) to Selenium
I am a new customer with selenium, recently converting from using HP's Unified Functional Testing product. I am testing a .net website and I currently have about 50 test cases scripted (in what I believe is .tsp GUI test files) in VBscript. Can anyone
Last posting dates for Christmas - mail
Today is the last posting date, airmail, to Canada, USA and Eastern Europe. Monday 12th is the last date for posting, airmail, to Western Europe The 5th was the last date for South & Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Asia,
Converting Selenium Test Scripts from C# back to HTML
Hi All,  I am fairly new to this forum in which I am seeking some advice.   I have been given a project at work to introduce a new testing platform for our web based application. What I would like to do is to create test scripts using selenium and
Wii U Release Dates 2016 (EU)
Wii U Release Dates 2016 - EUROPE 2017 2017 A Hat in Time (Gears for Breakfast) 2017 Between Heartbeats (Blimbu Games) 2017 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Koji Igarashi) 2017 Lil Bub's Hello Earth (Lil Bub) 2017 Monster Boy and the Cursed
Convert string (with decimal or a point) to a integer.
Hello, With Eclips and Apache POI i read values from Excel into a 2 dimensional array. I read the values from the array, into a string variable in my Java script. The value in Excel is visible as 1, the value in Java as 1.0 How can i convert the strin
Wii U Release Dates 2015 (EU)
Wii U eShop Release Dates 2015 for Europe  Click here for Wii U Release Dates 2016 (EU). 2015.12.?? Poncho (Rising Star Games / Delve Interactive) 2015.12.?? Space Hulk (Hoplite Research) 2015.12.24 Kung Fu FIGHT! (Nostatic Software)
Export IDE code to JUNIT4, edit and import back to IDE
Is it possible to export recorded code from IDE to JUNIT, do some modification eg. loop, or conditional statements, and import it back to IDE. I am not able to find any loop or conditional statement command, how can we use it. Regards, TurtleRock
bad date stories
For the period i was on the dating scene i had several bad dates. I'm gonna summarize here and would love to hear yours!! #1 Tracksuit Guy He showed up to an upscale bar/restaraunt in a poufy nylon tracksuit (and no he had not been running) He
How to Sort List
Details Steps are below. 1. Opened Ebay Site 2. Searched for LED TV 3. Captured prices of the results     List uiAllPrices = oBrowser.findElements(By.xpath("//td[@class='prc']/div//div[@itemprop='price']/span")); For example: If 3 types of LED TV's
Dress Up Your Treetopia Christmas Tree *Instagram* Submission Dates: October 03, 2016 - October 12, 2016
Contest Name: Dress Up Your Treetopia Christmas Tree Contest URL: Description: Bring pop culture icons to life by choosing a colorful Treetopia tree and pairing it with a photo of your favorite character! Tag
Notting Hill Carnival Ignores Rain
Some wonderful photos here: Nice of the officer to stop the young lady toppling over
Test javascript Calendar
HI, i) How can we check whether an input text element is readonly or not? ii) To insert current date in a form element, I have an input text element (readonly) & along with a calendar icon beside. In my calendar, links for previou
String comparison using Selenium Ide
Hi all, Can we compare strings? for example: There is a login page: I have entered username say :XYZ then once i click on login button:It opens another page which should display the text as "Welcome XYZ" How can we verify the text after Welcome is
how to sort date in selenium
i have 6 months experience in selenium. how to sort date using selenium RC and script Thanks SRILATHA.
Need to randomly generate a DOB in SeleniumIDE
Morning all, im new to thr forum and in need of help, For one reason or another i need to be able to generate a random, but realistic date of birth. so no more than 100 years old, no younger than 16 years old. Is this possible to be able to do it in
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