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Quick Reply without refreshing is not working on Forumactif Edge
Good evening I have a problem in quick Reply code I made sure it works on original phpbb3 version but it does not work in Forumactif Edge Code:// phpBB3 version;         //By doannamthai-getover || forumotion-forumvi ;  
JavaScript - Quick-reply box default text
This is my first tutorial! Please tell me what you think!! This code works for all versions and WYSIWYG editor must be turned off in order for you to see the default text. All Versions: 1. Go to Admin Panel -> Modules -> JavaScript Codes
Can any one suggest what command could be used for refreshing a page using c sharp
what could be the command to reload a page in c sharp..... i tried with selenium.WaitForPageToLoad("30000"); and selenium.Refresh(); option both are not working could any one suggest me a beeter solution
Reply box for visitors
hi @Ange Tuteur i have a problem with Reply box for visitors It was working but now it stopped working and I tried every way fix the problem but to no avail please, Can you help me to solve the problem .. Code: /* -- guest replay --
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The Quick Editor
I don't know if I was using it wrong, but when I clicked "Advanced" while editing my post, it posted any entirely new post. You might need to edit the postmode or take away that option while quick editing. ex : when clicking advanced while
Quick Start Guide
Hi Welcome to Contest Galaxy. Here are some guidelines to get you started on the forum.  Please note this works quite a bit differently from the Facebook voting walls. If you need help, please feel free to ask. BEFORE opening a topic: 1. Make sure
Quick editor [Project]
Hello everyone, I am here to notify you of a change on the forum index. Clicking the title of a forum will now load the topics list of that forum. Currently I have added three options to the nav of the quick topic list. The options are as follows
Quick Login Panel
* This topic is for testing, bugs may be present and if found should be reported to THIS topic * Hello everyone, Here you can test a quick log in panel for your forum. The panel displays by clicking the log in navigation button. It will drop down
Windows 10 Quick Link Menu
Windows 10 Quick Link MenuThe Start menu hides a very handy tool called the Quick Link menu that has shortcuts to Power User settings like Disk Management, Command Prompt, Network Connections and more. Right-click on the Start button to reveal
[Javascript] Quick popup BAN module
Tutorial: Quick popup BAN module This tutorial will show you how to quickly ban a certain user without page refresh. Credit goes to @Prometheus --> Tutorials, tips and tricks <-- Quick popup BAN module 1┬║ - Javascript Placement I
[FIXED] Custom links in the quick navigation have less margin
Hey! I just saw the little margin from custom links in the quick navigation (Notifications and Affiliates on this forum). Is this intended?
[Javascript] Forumotion toolbar quick popup login
Tutorial: Forumotion toolbar quick popup login Gives you an ability to get a nice quick popup login form for your forumotion toolbar. Credits @Ange Tuteur --> Tutorials, tips and tricks <-- Forumotion toolbar quick popup login 1┬║
bennett rebuttal to Carter Ruck
Tony Bennett Today at 10:55 pm The first part of the Carter-Ruck letter today demanded the removal of 21 articles, letters or other document from our website, partial removal of another article, and amendments to our Home Page. The Madeleine Foundatio
[SUGGESTION] Auto collapse the side widget menu and quick navigation
I've got another suggestion: Auto collapse the side widget menu and quick navigation after x seconds (5 for instance), if they're not being hovered over or clicked (time-out should then be reset). The admin should be able to change the x variable to hi
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