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"q14 every action has an equal and opposite reaction is th..."

Love and it's opposite
I suspect things are a bit more complex than this, but for the sake of discussion, I'll just post this idea. The opposite of love is not hate but control. Thoughts? Is there a balance between the two that is optimal? I came up with this after readin
BlueCoreStudios Has Released A Sonic The Hedgehog Live Action Film On Youtube!
The Blue Blur! Checkout this amazing live action short film featuring Sonic The Hedgehog from BlueCoreStudios! All I can say is wow they did an incredible job with this project!
Staying Equal
To get less lazy, I make a training log. Now all of you can see how lazy I am wtf lol!!!!111 Been some of those weeks with big changes and not much me-time. Three weeks now with workout once a week. This is the worst day ever, because I had the
Reaction to Imitrex injection
Hi, I have been a member here for a long time, but I haven't posted for awhile. I have used imitrex injections for at least fifteen years. I have had no allergic reactions in all that time. Yesterday I took a shot, and immediatly my arm got red an
strange reaction since botox feel torn about another try.
hi everyone. You may or may not have noticed I haven't been on the board lately. This is why. Just over a month ago I had botox for migraine done by my neurologist. I was in the middle of a migraine when I had it done and the pain went through me
BlueCoreStudios Has Released A Mega Man Live Action Film On Youtube!
The Blue Bomber Is Back! Checkout this amazing Mega Man Fan Film above and please enjoy!
Botox for Headache: Mechanism of Action??
In answer to questions of why Botox(botulinum toxin type A..there is now, in the US, another strain of type A, Dysport...)works, it probably is NOT by relaxing muscles, but rather: Botox actually is an anti-inflammatory, decreasing, or antagonizing, the
botox reaction, is this normal?
I've had botox 2 times. The first time I told the nurse "I hate needles", she reassured me it would be fine, and I kept my eyes closed the whole time. I had no idea it would take so long, and halfway through I started to feel lightheaded. By
Shia Labeouf To Star In Naruto Live Action Film!
Apparently Shia Labeouf will play the role of Naruto in an upcoming Naruto live action film.
Maotsujun quiz...
Hi girls, it was not long ago that we had our first quiz here in this forum to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary....first we want to thank all girls who participated and proved their love for our After the winners were announced some
Chapel day quiz 4 ish
1. Christianity can be divided into three principle groups; Roman Catholic and which two others?   Anglican and Non-Conformist Baptist and Methodist Calvinist and Lutheran Eastern Orthodox and Protestant     2. Who was the first great
Tues Quiz
1.What do the names Charlie, Oscar, Victor, Mike and Juliet have in common? 2.Which 1972 film features the song `Dueling Banjos`? 3.In "Only Fools and Horses", by what name did Trigger always call Rodney? 4.Who is Liza Minnelli`s famous actress
Admins tues Quiz
1.W hat is the name of the German airline? 2.In which European city can you find the home of Anne Frank? 3.How many stars has the American flag got? 4.How long is the Great Wall of China? 5.Who invented Ferrari? 6.According to the Bible, who was
Wigan based quiz
What is Highgate now known as? What is Watergate now known as? What does 'Wiend' mean? What is Robbing lane (Robin lane) now called? What is the alternative name for Poolstock lane? What was 'Beggars walk'? What are Higher Gullet and
Interesting quiz on a very serious subject
Last night there was an interesting programme on our (UK) TV, which was followed by an interesting psychological quiz, which was full of surprises ( I mean the second one of the two). If you want to look at the quizzes here it is:
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