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Galactus and Franklin Richards Vs Pyron and Q from Star Trek
So who is going to win in this fight? Galactus and Franklin Richards from Marvel or Pyron from Dark Stalkers and Q from Star Trek [img(500px,200px)][/img]
Galactus vs any cube being
I`m talking Galactus vs Kubic,Kosmos ,or Shaper.I know it took 5 cosmic cubes to destroy his ship and everyone in it.And even with death trying to stop him,with a little help from strange.Galactus recreated his ship and everyone else on board,and he said
Stranger vs Galactus
This is a very interesting the early 90`s they seemed to amp up the Strangers power,saying he could have been the 4th face of the Tribunal.He refused so he is a Stranger even to himself.I still think a G fed on even one earth like planet would
Excitar vs In-betweener and Galactus
Now in-betweener can call on anyone`s opposite,and if Galactus is fed on 4 planets he can do the rest of the damage.Excitar falls to both of these guys!
Heralds of Galactus Vs Justice League
[img][/img] Who would win in this fight.
Lex Luthor Vs Tails the Fox
Round 1. Who is more Smarter Round 2. a Fully Bloodlusted Battle
Eternal Vishanta vs a 4 planet fed Galactus
Big G fights agammotto in his own realm,it is basically a stalemate.But the other 2/3rds of the vashanta show up and tell agamotto to break off his fight with the big G and let him and Strange be on their way.My question is could this trinity being beat a
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