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"package folder sims 3 won t start"

[SOLVED] integrating updates -> install.wim missing
hey winter, i downloaded via winreducer the following updates: Windows10.0-KB3081436-x64.msu and all x64. for net framework one question why is the net framwor
How do your migraines start?
All, Alot of the time my migraines hit me like a bolt out of the blue. No warning. They start with a terrible stabbing pain either in my eyes or on one side of my head or the back or top of my head. I have to stop what I am doing and wait for the
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Winreducer Stucked on Open a Folder
Hi Guys, I was trying to integrate Windows 10 x86-x64 which I downloaded from Media Creation Tool. So I only need x86 version to I extracted Windows ISO and in Win reducer gave Folder Path in x86 folder now win reducer is stuck at Open a
How to start SeleniumRC in Java IDE?
Hello, I have trouble to run my test with NetBean as below: public class MercuryTourTest extends SeleneseTestCase { public static void main (String [] Args)throws Exception{ MercuryTourTest());
How to Set or Unset The Read-Only Folder Attribute in Windows 7
By default, the folders in Windows 7 do not have a read-only attribute. Only files have a read-only attribute. Any changes to the folder's read-only box will only affect the files in the folder, then the read-only box will default back to blue when you
[SOLVED] Can't start winreducer 8.1 on reduced windows 8.1
Hi I have problem as in the title. Here is WinReducer81.log: Code:***** 2014-09-21 20:12:01 - SESSION OPENED ***** CRITICAL ERROR : Your Operating System is not compatible with WinReducer 8.1 ==> you need Windows 8.1 (x32 or
[ANSWERED] When i try to open a iso, I have "This folder is incorrect"
When i try to open a iso, I have  "This folder is incorrect" I am in 8.1 in VMWare. The log is : ***** 12/01/2014 14:22:47 - SESSION OPENED ***** ***** 12/01/2014 14:23:17 - SESSION CLOSED *****
[ANSWERED] how can I reduce "assembly" and "Microsoft.NET" ?
Hello, which components must I choose, to reduce the size of the directories "assembly" and "Microsoft.NET" ? " />
Warning -> Failed to start: SocketListener , while performing Cross Browser Testing
Hello Everyone, I have just started learning Selenium. I am trying to use Selenium RC for Cross Browser Testing. While performing Cross Browser Testing I am getting error " Failed to start: SocketListener0@" in all the Browsers. Please
@DailyGrommet Care Package Giveaway *usa only*
Enter SweepstakesInvite Friends Prize Details Have a loved one in college? A grand kid who’d love a surprise in the mail? Or just want to win some treats for yourself? Enter our Care Package Giveaway for a chance to win treats and goods to
Reset Windows Explorer Folder View Settings in Windows 7
This tutorial will show you how to reset the Windows Explorer folder view settings to increase the folder view cache and have Windows 7 remember the view settings, size, or position of windows the previous time you closed them. Open Folder Options
Windows Resource Protction found corrupt files...
I'm having some issues with Win8. I ran Windows Resource Protection and it found corrupt files it was unable to fix some of them. Details are shown in the log below.  If anyone can help fix this I would be most greatful! LOG: 2015-11-17 14:29:33
Hentai Sim Brothel 1 App
I was wondering, has anyone ever thought to make an Android/Ios app for the original? I would love to have one for my phone. Portal HSB!
Start Selenium server
Hi Friends, I am trying to run the selenium server from c# (Visual studio), without manually running the server from command prompt. Help me in this regard.
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