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My Butterbur/Petadolex updates
Ok, my timelines are a little blurry but almost a year ago I started taking Enzymatic Therapy Petadolex. I had posted in several threads about it, and was having some good results from it. A definite decline in frequency and severity of
Petadolex instead of Topamax or also know as butterbur?
Hi I'm a severe chronic migraine sufferer for about the last 7 years. My doctor took me off topamax. I'm totally free of it since about 5 weeks ago. I stopped taking it do to side effects, however I needed something to replace it. My Doctor told me to get
anyone using butterbur like me beware not licenced in UK from Di
Experts warn herbal remedy butterbur can cause liver damage and even organ failure By LAUREN PAXMAN Last updated at 4:29 PM on 1st February 2012 Comments (2) Share "Dangerous remedy: No products containing butterbur (pictured) have been
butterbur - gail
i got my swanson's brand in the mail and took my first dose tuesday. it cost $11 for 2 bottles of 60 each, including shipping. no response with first dose. amazing, as i nearly always feel some bad effect or other, with new substances. yesterday
Butterbur and new migraine guidelines
The American Academy of Neurology and the American Headache Society just updated their guidelines for migraine prevention. In addition to adding another beta blocker to their first-line (A list) of preventative drugs showing firm evidence of effectiveness
CoQ10 and butterbur
the search function of this forum leaves much to be desired. i KNOW for sure, that CoQ10 has been discussed here, but with my shot memory i can't recall much, nor does searching turn up anything. what i'd like feedback on, please, especially from
Butterbur side effect?
Hi, I live with a number of health issues, IBS, CFS, NASH, IBS, and Migraine. My Gastro doc has been monitoring my liver function for many years, and has been giving me a 6 monthly CT of my liver for NASH. For over 5 years my liver function has
Butterbur after 3 months
Well, I would have to say that this product from Swansons has done 100% of nothing for my migraines. Tick this one off of my list.
So, the last few days have been really good! Since starting my brand topamax, I've had such little pain its incredible. I'd suggest anyone on generic topamax giving brand a try if possible. Teva generic was working okay for me, but brand is rockin!
Butterbur and heart palpitations
I have been experiencing heart palpitations every day for hours at at time for the past month. I was racking my brain trying to figure out what had changed in my routine, and it occurred to me that the palpitations have been occurring since I've been
A Brand new word a day 1
Please feel free to add your own  word,  please add the meaning Macrocephalic Having an unusually large head.
re: Butterbur: who has tried this??
I have not tried Butterbur. Has anyone had any relief with this? Thanks.
How could the Star Brand,kill one or two Beyonders
The living Tribunal,Eternity,infinity,ect., can`t kill these beings.But the Star brand can,hickman is making a big mistake here,unless he explains himself I.M.O
WTS : Dosing Pump JEBAO DP4 Brand New in Box (SOLD)
Dear Reefer2 semua Permisi om Momod, saya mau jual nih Dosing Pump Jebao DP4 baru belum pernah pakai, kondisi 100% new (beli sebulan lebih yang lalu di sponsor forum ini) dijual alasannya saya ga jadi maen SPS dan hanya konsen di FO tank jadi gak perlu
Getting off of Topamax and trying Butterbur/Feverfew
I don't like the effects of Topamax. Like not being able to think clearly and such. I still get headaches, but the neurologist seems to think its working because I haven't had an extreme migraine in the last 2 months. I have however had 28 headaches withi
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