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Image Resizer
This image resizer is meant to be an improvement over Forumotion's default resizer, by using CSS to resize the images and JavaScript to provide additional options. It'll resize the images much faster as it utilizes CSS to set height and width restrictions
Multiple clickable portions on a Image.
Multiple clickable portions on a Image. Using HTML make Mutliple portions on a image clickable Hello Everyone This is a very simple tutorial to make multiple clickable areas on your image. Enter this code into your HTML Page. Code:<img
assert image present by src with just image name
In one of my pages, I have many sort links. Beside each sort link, I have one image(up/down arrow) clickandWait | link=ID assertElementPresent |
How do you copy image URLs?
Yep, title says it all. I already know how to do it in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Any one knows how to do it on other browsers?
Wrapping Image
Can I add something shown above? It appears to be a background image (actually it is: Can I get a similar effect on a ForuMotion phpbb3 forum?
Image capture and Comparison
Hi, How to capture the screen shots in the selenium? how to do image comparison in the Selenium. Please help me Thanks in advance Regards, Sujatha B
BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, ICO - verify image property.
Hi, This is the one of problem faced by selenium user, how to verify the image type. Now I am going to provide a solution for that, which is going to work in RC but partially on IDE. I am explaining the verification of google homepage image and its
How to get text from captcha image.
Some sites used captcha images to get registration process done. How can we type that text from selenium?
How to automate upload image functionality using Selinium IDE
Hi all, I want to automate upload image functionality using Selinium IDE. Can any one help me regarding it ???? The upload is similar to attach files in mail.. Thanks & Regards, KayKay
Fully Resizeable Background Image?[PunBB]
Hey Guys, this is the forum I am currently working on ingenmarketDOTforummotionsDOTcom/ I have a background image and i want to make it fit the page all the time like the video below youtubeDOTcom/watch?v=X2j6gXXjfOc Hi I was wondering how t
How to get text present in an image
HiĀ  I have a image which has a text "hello, welcome" Now how to get the text present using selenium webdriver
Req background image effect
Image type: (background image effect) Image size: The width must be 1440! Background color/image: N/a Text to insert: N/a Font: N/a Font size: N/a Example*: N/a Other information: Hello, I would like to request some kind of effect which would
Double Click on image using Selenium
I have test case where I have to double click on the image to check the test case. Xpath from Xpath Checker
Roster image
I'm having a little problem with this code. If you look at this example: Spoiler: It shows a cells or frames which inside display an image. There is an images folder with those pictures in them, but I wanted to replace it with an external image
Tiling image behind banner on PhpBB?
Hey guys, I posted this to the forummotion support forum but it didn't get any responses, so I was wondering if someone could help me with the code? I would like to create a banner similar to this setup I made on a site a while back: [link].
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